What is CBD? Why do people take it? Who regulates it?

Christine Smith, CEO of Grön, speaks with KGW’s Cristin Severance about CBD. What is it? Why do people take it? Who regulates it?


  1. You stated your percentages backwards here compared to your original story about stated concentrations being high or low – sloppy reporting. There's already been 50 years of bad science related to cannabis in the US, now you're adding bad reporting, which is certainly not new, either.
    The best research has been done by Professor Raphael Mechoulam at Hebrew University in Israel. There is also research showing CBD can raise serum levels of various pharmaceutical drugs, so mixing can be dangerous.
    As you just said, it doesn't work for everyone, so yes, it is snake oil for many people and by itself, probably for most people. Of course many people will claim miracles, just like 86% of people who claim to be allergic to gluten, but aren't. Whole plant is always best, and that has thousands of years of positive anecdotal data from multiple cultures, including the US, before prohibition.

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