What is The Best Weed Grinder? (For your cannabis needs): Cannabasics #112

(21+ For Educational Purposes Only) Find out what is the best weed grinder for your cannabis needs today on Cannabasics #112. Sponsored by New York …


  1. For cheap grinders that look like that plain plastic spikey ones but actually grind super fine, the Storz & Bickel grinder actually works extremely well making a perfect grind for the volcano or plenty for the strongest hits.

  2. this is the WORST grinder review ever. premium grinders? sandstone? ah…no, its a piece of crap. no mention of the truely premium griders ie: brilliant cut, santa cruz, etc….. highly informed video…not!!!

  3. The Viking Axe , its 24.99 and its worth 99.99 , its not a big keif collector unless its dry dry flower , good cured flower doesnt stick often too much and jam the grinder , it does a great job andnspins very very well. The viking axe is the name and company , purple chemeloaon holographic metallic look , hand sized , big enough for a couple grams , three stages . Cool gear.

  4. The best and last grinder I bought is a Mendo Mulcher. Well worth the $80. The extremely tight tolerances in the machining is obvious and the whole thing is just beautiful. Look them up.

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