What Is The Most Dangerous Drug In The World? ft. In A Nutshell (Kurzgesagt)

From drug overdose to the war on drugs, what’s most deadly? Check out In A Nutshell (Kurzgesagt) “Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money For …


  1. I don't believe it's overdosing I believe it's bad drugs that's why they're trying to sell them on TV and telling 25 bad side effects which will kill you that's not overdosing it's bad to begin with might as well go back to the stone age's when we used to use arsenic cocaine and all the other things that were bad

  2. I'd say Agent Orange activating mitogen activated protein kinase pathways causing interstitial lung disease and cardiac ishemia. It activates a protein kinase enzyme pathway which basically cannot be stopped. It was widely used in the Vietnam war, it was also used by special forces fighting invasive plants particularly Rhodedendrons in Wales. It was also widely tested on Pennsylvanian jails, the authorities said it had been stopped, but it hadn't. It was administered via ringworm, a fungal infection on PRISONERS feet. A lot of these PRISONERS got deported, especially to the UK, where they were helped by a charity called PRISONERS ABROAD. Many of these PRISONERS went onto develope mental health problems. Love Leicester and Rutland massive x

  3. Yeah, it's like this; I could shoot you up with 20mg of heroin, pure, pharmaceutical diacetylmorphine, and that isn't going to be physically harmful, like it would if I would shoot you up with 20mg methamphetamine. If I shot you with 20mg of street heroin, it could kill or hurt you through impurities, also through fentanyl contamination. Alcohol, it's so easy to have beers every day….it's way more dangerous than, say, pharmaceutical quality heroin, but over a long term of course. It's a really odd question, what's the most dangerous.

  4. Alcohol what a joke it's childsplay you're back to yourself in a day or 2. Dexamphetamines/methamphetamine damages the pleasure system in the brain so you barely feel anything ever again.

  5. It pisses me off so much that a drug as dangerous as fentanyl is not only legal, but considered ESSENTIAL AND SAFE by the WHO, yet cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, which are virtually harmless PLANTS that have a lot of medicinal value and have been used by humans for millennia are illegal almost everywhere in the world.

    They don't care about our health, they only care about making money and having us under the control they want.

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