1. So you lost me when he’s telling me something can’t be a medicine, unless it can be tested by the fda etc. because of course no one will recognize the a medicine that can’t be controlled and you cannot patten a naturally occurring property. You’re trying to tell me that all these well known historically used herbal products, cannot he considered a medicine for any benefit; all because big pharma and the fda cannot control it and therefor don’t put it through their “stamp of approval”.
    Non psychoactive marijuana, has been doing great things for people with many ailments… where are the negatives here?
    Yes i can recognize that the abuse of anything (including water) is bad for you…. that is all down to personal use and adult choice, self control etc.
    but I don’t believe his motive behind this or his agenda is coming from the correct place. My personal feelings on the video.

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