What you need to know about CBD…

CBD is very popular right now because of its many health benefits. I’m sure you’ve heard what kind of effects it has on your physical body, but what kind of effect …


  1. This was very helpful! I suffer from anxiety and have tried CBD in the past and had different experiences based on the different companies. I am going to buy from this brand you recommend and see how that goes bc I would love to get off my anxiety medication! Also all your other podcasts are very helpful for me in understanding how to more naturally control my anxiety. Thank you!

  2. Where I am located in Washington, I've noticed a very noticeable chemical smell to the vapors or smoke. The smoke doesn't smell like it did years ago. I basically stopped smoking because of my concern for the chemicals. It just sensed that what was coming into the stores was nefarious in nature. If you do it, source it and truly scrutinize what you get.

  3. I found this very interesting, and it made me wonder about other herbal supplements that may be beneficial. This is not something I’ve really ever looked into. Would be curious to know your personal herbal regimen…possibly on another podcast episode?

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