what's in my 5×5 led cannabis grow tent?

going over what’s in my cannabis grow tent. lights, fan, plants nutrients, in the 5×5 led grow tent. featuring the cob x6 plus we find out the winner of this months …


  1. Hey bro let me know what u think are good tents I was looking at yield lab and maybe hps for finish and led to start for veg till I can afford the other good best leds let me know if there’s a better way us talk gear and shit if u have time love to know about ur nutrients n soil as well I’m not a cop I’m a felon for growing when was young lol hawaii laws suck not trying know who u are where u r just a new friend with same love and chat here n there love to show my setup ima make maybe change genetics or create a strain I’m open

  2. How many plants that size can fit in there finishing maybe ten max? And how’s ur harvest per plant for that size box any idea I’m looking into this size box any help be killer trying figure out a 10 plant finish and another 10 plant veg and cycle them basicly for medical purposes of corse

  3. Hi man ! Well done
    Usually those lights are recommended for 3×3 or even 4×4. Was it good enough for the plants in the corner ? Or maybe you had to change their place during the grow to give them as much as the others ?
    Congrats from France 🇫🇷

  4. At what point should I start using just PH adjusted water & cut the nutrients? Your plants are amazing & if I can get one of my plants to look like yours i'll be a happy camper. my tent is 1/4 the size of yours, would you recommend everything you have or am I fine with just a 300 watt led for two plants? I am going to buy sensi mag for my next grow, should I get the others things you have for feeding? I ask way too many questions, you're going to get sick of me. Thanks bro

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