1. I had a horrible out of body experience smoking dab and I was in a space that I wasn’t used too. It was a panic attack in slow motion and was probably the scariest thing I’ve went thru. Even tho it was a scary experience I feel it has made me appreciate things more. I remember waking up the next day not knowing where I was in my own bed. This was all on 4/20/19 .-.

  2. I had this same experience in 2018 around November, it literally makes you feel like you’re in this box like a little room in your head and you’re just watching all these crazy or weird thoughts run wild and you can’t really do anything besides freak out. I had to go to the emergency room 3 times in a time span of 3 months, I know what you were feeling. It sucks so much but although I was affected by it I still smoke to this day and I still get little hints of it but I know how to control my anxiety a lot better now. Really the way I learned to manage intense anxiety that makes you feel like you can’t breathe is just treat it with respect and ik this sounds weird but let it in and talk to it like you would a baby or a little child just greet it and let it run its course and always remind yourself that it’s something that you can’t control but will always be there and it is something you don’t have to be afraid of, people feel it all the time it’s natural.

  3. The first one is a preview for a few more to come. However, everytime you get a new one, it makes you tougher and tougher and wiser and wiser, until you become this being that no longer needs a substance every weekend to variate existence. Now, the power of prayer, being thankful, respectful, and spending time by myself and a few hours with others is what gives me peace and comfort. Every 3 or 4 months, i cry because i realize i am a fortunate soul who is no longer being tormented with fear, but rather a well-balanced neutral force that binds and understands the despair of fellow beings. What a blessing it is to know that you think and act so similarly to me; it gets lonely sometimes, but its really worth the while because little interactions now have so much meaning in both essence and memory. I believe what you and I went through was written in stone way befor our time and our creation. And thus, the fact that we are fullfilling destiny makes our lesson a much more valuable occurrence. I hope this message finds you well, and I wish that you have acquired the serenity and clearness that my body has found without any outside help, as well as the clear conclusion in my mind that we are a beautiful formation of the act of love and mercy from Who we were chanting Mass songs up to. 💫 life is life,⭐💜

  4. Anyone experienced read this I got a question? (Never tried weed) My anxiety can be bad at times I’ve read lots of stories about how people become super paranoid and anxious when they try weed I’m so afraid of that that’s the only reason I havnt tried it. This one girl I’m talking too says it helps her anxiety should I try it out 😂 want to but worried of that

  5. My personal experience of smoking weed is always to smoke a sativa that gives me energy, focus and creativity…

    I always get the “lemon sativa” strain – search it up on google for anyone interested..

    I also don’t put too much in a joint only medium amount and that’s all you need.. plus weed for me makes me look 100 times younger for my age 😀

    But I know everyone has their own personal experience with weed, so good luck to anyone stopping 👍

    Love your video 💯

  6. wow this is so RELATABLE !! This happened to me years ago and i will NEVER EVER EVER smoke weed again because i dont even want to experience that shit ever again… i was questioning everything in my life and i was having ugly negative thoughts omg it was so scary NEVER AGAIN

  7. wow this is so reliable !! This happened to me years ago and i will NEVER EVER EVER smoke weed again because i dont even want to experience that shit ever again… i was questioning everything in my life and i was having ugly negative thoughts omg it was so scary NEVER AGAIN

  8. This has happened to me soo many times it’s scary. I hate experiencing depersonalization it’s like you’re seeing yourself from a different point of view or like if you’re infront on your own body it’s soo scary. When this happens i start to overthink everything it’s scary af

  9. Sooo we had guests over ( they were sleeping over) and the man vaped and he forgot his liquid, so I took it obviously to use for my vape I thought it was all fine until like 2 hits later I was tripping so much. I think it was thc but I’m not sure. I loveeee when I start to “black out” like I sit there and fall deep into my thoughts and sometimes I say my thoughts up loud while “high” and i feel like I’m teleporting like I move but I don’t feel it ya know.. weird shit huh and nothing felt right

  10. My experience with weed if your tolerance is low and you don’t smoke everyday. You shouldn’t be hitting like you are gonna hit a homerun. Ease your way into it and it’s some loud stuff then just one to couple of hits but hitting a bong of course you are gonna trip like you gonna have a panic attack. That’s goes for alcohol too or any drug. My best highs have been where I smoked to a point where I wasn’t super high and still functional and had the most relaxing experience ever, felt very calming.

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