Why Vaping Is Bad For You

Health officials have reported six deaths and at least 450 cases of lung injury connected to vaping. Patients with vaping-associated lung injury display a wide …


  1. And nobody has died from vaping e-juice… Well real E-juice… This is hobestly just propaganda, also I swear on my grandmothers grave I am not being paid by the vape industry I am juat a former smoker current vapor, whose lungshave never been healther… I have baking got 2 years and nothing…. Why dont they look at the lungs of people that have been vaping for years and aren't sick

  2. This makes my brain hurt… If you want to keep kids further from vapes or nicotine in general, raise the national smoking age to 21 and and only allow flavors in vapes shops… We know the culprit. And if it were really e-juice these cases of short term vaping related illnesses would have happened 10 years ago… And the tobacco industry is the vaping industry's nunber one enemy. Not to mention they have zero nicotine options availbale not everything is 50mg of nicotine, I vape on 3mg…. It's just history repeating itself… The war on drugs continues with the main target being vapes… Yay….

  3. As of Nov 2019, there have been over 2000 cases in the US. However, only 7 in Canada and 0 in Europe.
    If just vaping was the issue, it would be equal globally. Thus, "vaping" is not, in and of itself, the problem.
    The problem is an additive (vitamin E acetate) with black market THC ejuice in the US that vapers are using.

  4. When they say vaping is worse than smoking cigs. Like the whole point of vaping was so that people could switch over and quit smoking, now that some people died over black market items now vaping is the problem?? nicotine vapes allow you to control literally everything from the amount of nic in a juice to the very temperature of how hot the coil is burning. Compared to cigs that's a big change.

  5. The title to this video is extremely harmful. These recent deaths aren’t due to vaping as a whole; they’re due to bootleg THC cartridges. When you make a general title like that, it can be extremely misleading, but I’m sure you know this. You’re courting controversy, but will potentially prevent a cigarette smoker from switching to e cigs and improving their health and well-being. That is sick.

    No exaggeration, I would bet my life that e cigarettes are much safer than smoking cigarettes. I know this from personal experience, as a 20 year cigarette smoker who was able to quit with e cigarettes (the Juul in particular). Don’t buy into this bullshit being spread by misinformed people (or worse, big tobacco employees purposely spreading lies).

    Of course, it’s better to not vape at all, but if you’re a tobacco smoker, you’re much better off switching to vaping e cigarettes (as long as they’re purchased from legitimate vendors; don’t buy any bootleg stuff, ESPECIALLY THC products!!!!’).

  6. Science insider… Its been released its Vitamin E and most cases came out of NYC where THC was involved, they seem to focusing on only a few cases but not a larger group which is exceptionally bad science, as a biologist I can tell you to carry out such a study and have a definitive or clearer outcome of the effects of vaping you'd need a larger study group of smoking vs vaping with a hypothesis that Vaping is healthier than smoking, you begin by possibly CT-scanning the two groups so you get a clear image through cross sections of the lung on a sagittal, transversal and coronal plane, over a period of time you can then go ahead and compare the lungs on a second scan at a later date, you could then use statistics to develop a future outcome from vaping.

  7. You are statement was proven wrong you are putting THC and nicotine in the same category but nicotine is actually alike to caffine and idk if you people knew this but people who have been vaping with just nicotine have been vaping for many years before these people this is why you need to know where you are buying from do a little bit more of your research

  8. Ummmmmmmmm… how many people have died from vaping as intended? None that I’m aware of. If you put weird things in the liquid and vape. Expect weird or worse effects. Would you vape pinesol? If you do, I’ve got a Darwin Award for you

  9. Tocopherol acetate, a.k.a Vitamin E oil is the culprit according to the CDC. Definitely NOT found in JUUL… but is found in some bootleg products as an agent to stretch out the oil. Perhaps some people even add it themselves.?. Out of 29 samples taken from patients lungs, 24 tested positive for THC. All 29 were positive for Vitamin E.

  10. Why are you talking about thc and Hight lvl of nicotine in vaping? It's a choice to vape with nicotine… I'm not vaping liquids with nicotine, only 0mg and no tobacco flavors. Why don't you speak about a simple eliquid in his base Form ( with no nicotine)? ? How much did they paid you to defend cigarettes?

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