Windshield Time – 1 Aug 2019: Medical Marijuana coming along nicely.

Medical Marijuana is coming along. Patients are receiving their cards. However, prosecutors and law enforcement may still choose to charge people during …


  1. My question is, when will Missouri card-holding patients be able to begin to cultivate? I’ve heard that Missouri patients will buy from Missouri dispensaries, buying marijuana that is grown exclusively in Missouri, and that that will influence when it will be available (the time it will take for the first crops to be grown and ready) would cultivation be legal only when seeds are available to buy in an open established Missouri dispensary? I know a lot of seeds seem to be ordered online.

  2. If someone is worried about being hemmed up by law enforcement about marijuana possession, the solutions are simple. Dont carry it on your person (Pocket, Purse or Backpack) or leave it laying around in your vehicle, e.g. ashtray, cup holder, center console, glove box, door pocket,

    If you are transporting it from the dispensary, keep it in the trunk of the vehicle or the very back of the vehicle (Vehicle without a trunk/boot), not where it would be accessible by the vehicle operator/driver/vessel captain. Keeping it in a locked container during transport, while residing in the trunk or back of the conveyance would be congruent with attempting to transporting legally without mens rea of criminal intent. Yes, get your medical cannabis card, this will minimize most legal questions of authorized possession, yet it may not negate it completely. Travel Safe and keep your cannabis at home, even your eatables, oil and tinctures'! 👍🏾

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