1. those "deaths" spoken of here are all of a dubious nature . One, a 17 or 18 year old American was actually murdered then buried (hardly a dmt OD), another earlier more noted case was of a man smoking very heavy amounts while taken a bath (then drowning), and then there were a couple of inexperienced tourists meeting the wrong shamans, whose brews contained not only the usual (but huge) amounts of caapi and dmt but also deadly amounts of 5 MeO dmt, which should never be used alone or without a "siitter" as the person can momentarily stop breathing.. People with high BP, heart problems or underlying psychotic issues should never use these very powerful psychedelics. Of it's benefits there is no doubt for most people, and is perfectly safe, compare that with the tens of thousands Americans who die each year from alcohol, the argument becomes ridiculous .

  2. old or young,
    poor or rich.
    I high advice everyone to open the doors, take step inside.
    At least once in there life,
    go on a journey….
    one that is unforgettable.
    You'll be back in a matter of minutes.
    What you see,
    where you go makes it all worth it.

  3. I’m so grateful for all of the people in the comments sharing their stories about ayahuasca medicine and clearing up some misinformation from the video. 💓 thank you friends. Ayahuasca is medicine. Doing a ceremony, It truly has been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

  4. Anyone who is looking to try ayahuasca for a recreational drug, please rethink your decision lol if you dont have intention for self healing and you just want to have a good time the substance is not for you

  5. So you're saying that it's good for me? Sweet. You explained this all so eloquently. So much so, that I was wondering if you would talk to my probation officer for me? Let him know he needn't worry, and that this stuff kills cancer.

  6. Lmao "This keeps happening!"
    That is one of the worst mindsets to have for any trip, guaranteed paranoia and panic trip. Cant speak for ayahuasca, maybe one day I'll find someone who makes it.

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