1. I take a rather small dose (1mg to 2mg) a night. It’s actually changed me as a person. I’m a lot more empathic and see the world from a totally different different lens. It doesn’t only stick around when I’m “high” ( such a low dose I don’t get high I just feel things deeper). It’s actually completely changed my personality for the best. I also have a high recall of neutral or good memories from my childhood. Edibles are amazing if you find the right dose for you.

  2. My boyfriend gave me edibles during his visit and here is what happened.
    I laughed over something dumb and I literally felt like I was going to die of laughter.
    I forgot I was at the park.
    I spent my money on a box of donuts.
    I talked about how dope the phones were at the display at the store.
    I ate so much pizza.
    I am usually someone who is quiet and highly stressed in public, but when I was high, I became a smartass 🤣

  3. But then you got the people that say smoking is healthy no it’s not. The science doesn’t back that up. All we know is people with lung cancer it slows it down! That’s it! Don’t get it confused boss.

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