1. When I first discovered Rick Simpson on YouTube and Rick Simpson oil, Amy Lee got my hands on some from a local dispensary. I'm diabetic, my family is prone to melanoma and Lymphoma and I have a TBI and PTSD so sleep was foreign to me for quite some time. Now I sleep through the night just fine oh, I wake up feeling great, I'm not stressed out freaked out and hyper-vigilant much anymore. And now I tell everybody I know that has any kind of ailment to look into RSO. There's still so much that we don't know about all the properties of cannabis.

  2. I'm currently trying to treat my two cats with RSO. My boyfriend has Multiple Myeloma which is a (rare), blood/bone cancer). So, his niece & her husband made some full spectrum oil aka Rick Simpson oil for him to use and then a month later our 2 cats were diagnosed with nasal and oral cancer.

    The RSO they gave us is super sticky & hard to work with. Does anyone know if this is normal? I see it advertised in a syringe (w/out needle of course), and it looks like it can be easily pushed out and worked with. I'm just wondering if they made it wrong. Been looking all over the Internet for an answer to no avail. They used several different strains of Indica but I don't know what extraction method they used.

    I have read conflicting information about the dose to give a cat. One source said 1/10 of a long grain of rice three times a day. Another says 1/10 of a short grain of rice and another says to give a dab to start (whatever a dab is), work up to 1/8 a gram and divide into 8 parts and then each 8th into 3rds and to give 3 doses a day.

    Anyways, has anyone here have experience with dosing a cat with RSO for cancer? Any tips for working with the wicked sticky stuff?

    So far I gave my kitty with oral cancer 1 small dose 3 days ago, 1 yesterday, and 1 today. I'm doing it slowly so she can build up a tolerance.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  3. My husband made the rso for me into suppositories.I have a mass on my kidney. I used half gram. I got a headed for two days and I been sleeping for 2 days. Is it normal to get headed the first time? thanks

  4. Interesting that the study found THC kills cancer cells, while everyone else is pushing CBD ONLY as the major medical breakthrough and main focus of legalization. Now, why would that be?

  5. Listen carefully. Rick Simpson showed the "dark patches" of skin to his doctor and suggested maybe mary jane could help and was rebuffed by his doctor. At NO TIME were those dark patches ever biopsyed or lab tested to confirm they were cancerous at all…AT ALL. This is marihuana oil folks, made the same way as it has been for LOng time. Yes, pot has some medicinal value but this RSO is bunk based science. Dig deeper and you will see this is true!

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