🔴 Reefer Revolution LIVE! [55] 12/8 Blunt Commentary, Pot Politics, Legalization, Cannabis Care

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  1. Hemp is insane in south oregon… it crashes so bad, suicides on farms from losing it all.. ive seen 20 acres of hemp cbd 3 foot tall plants of nugs go brown because no profits, the flood here of cbd is crazy now. we literally had a harvester and trimmer shortage all september and all october because hemp was paying 20 an hour to buck nugs out of desperation!

  2. Now Oregon froze grow license so you they can make price go up.. the corporate portland companies literally lied and said there is 5 years of herb to sell so they used that false data of D grade weed nobody wants,to make a law freezing grow license for 3 years!! Insanity….corporate laws, not public law… thats all these laws are. We need to end lobbyists… aka legalized bribes on politicians to change law for their bosses

  3. Michigan wants 125K for a basic grow. Garbage corporate laws, all limiting licenses to rich companies only, with no skills to fill the whole market… this is happening in all states, i know best cause ive gotten licenses multiple states now.. and now cali is a small business grower only hope.. otherwise everyone needs a friggin investor to grow even in a small commercial garage.. rediculous overtaxation that is all moneygrab and not legit.

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