2020 Daily Trail Markers: Senator Bernie Sanders rolls out new marijuana legalization policy

At 4:20 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont rolled out an ambitious new plan to legalize marijuana. If elected president, Sanders …


  1. United States Patent_ 6630507. Not even looking into the facts of the true history’s research and studies from United States and countless other countries that have been performed since the 1930’s, plus the 5,000 years prior to this. All the writings by countless practitioners from those days are not practical. But the Bible is all facts and truth. I must be drug tested to work and pay the taxes for the salaries of these officials and the ones in our country that cannot work or don't work (Social Security, welfare, unemployment, etc.) and none of these recipients have to take an drug test. How does this system work? United States Patent_6630507.

  2. I know it’s just weed, but people have to realize that this would benefit the everyday citizen better than most policies these politicians are pushing. Supporting cannabis legalization should no longer be optional

  3. What I don't get is biopharmaceutical companies are busy researching cutting-edge drugs for cancer, and a myriad of other diseases. Why ON EARTH would it still be illegal federally??? The federal govt. has approved several of the medications; one recently for female troubles, others for nausea, etc. This schizophrenic behavior has to stop; it is so confusing to the public who is investing and watching with anticipation and excitement over more non-toxic medications. This needs to be addressed immediately; the message is really poor!

  4. Please share this video of Naama's sister a woman being used as a geopolitical Pawn sentenced to 7.5 yrs prison in Russia for <2 grams of pot Where other similar cases receeived a small fine !!! Thanks @ @

  5. I voted Trump but if bernie is gonna treat us like adults ,which voters are, by allowing us to choose organic medicine over the corporate killer drugs ,then im voting for Bernie…IM FEELING THA BERN 2020..LEGALIZE NATION WIDE

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