#60 – Small Rock Maple Pot… With iron worm holes

Decided to turn this little piece I got from a pallet just to see what I could come up with. It’s about the right size for toothpicks, but could be used for any small items …


  1. COOL…This is FUN To watch what others make using Pallets…we use Pallets allot in the summertime 🙂 I think your channel is lots of fun my Maker Friend and I am glad you are here in our close nit community 🙂 I appreciate you!!! I hope you are doing well my friend. I hope you have the very BEST Year Ever!!!! Oh ya, your last comment….yeppers I am SO GLAD To be in the MAKERS ROCK Collaboration….but we are not all Turners as stated in your video. I have 2 woodworking shops and although I WANT To learn how to turn, this is something I do not get into just yet….and THIS YEAR…I have something up my sleeve…..lol…that is a Mixture of Woodworking and….and….lol…you will just have to wait and see….I am totally looking forward to see what everybody makes…WHOOT WHOOOT….ROCK ON!!!

    "MOM" 🙂

  2. Billy you better have that stack of Bradford Pear treated so those dang Steel Worms stay away from it.
    That is a fairly thick piece of pallet wood and a darn pretty one at that.
    Probably close to 50 years ago I was given a piece of Teak that came off a ship. They used the teak for the ropes I guess. Well it had 3/4" holes in it from the bolts they used to fasten it in place. I cut around it and made some nice tunerings from it. I guess those were Bolt Worms!
    I also have been using Howard Feed and Wax after watching Phil use it.
    I will be using it on an Asian Pear turning this Friday.
    Cute little pot and a great use of what would be scrap.

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