1. Volumetric measuring for small batch e liquid is a waste of time. It makes sense on a larger scale (No pun intended) but as for small batches its way easier, cleaner, and much more accurate to measure by weight. If you're looking into DIY I highly suggest getting a scale that can measure down to 0.01g and go from there, you wont regret it.

  2. I find it already enough to add 5% flavor is that bad? I only made a 30ml test and just aded 1.5ml flavor and it turned out great for Sub Ohm 70vg 30pg and 3mg nicotine strength, I still need to steep it but from the first try I could taste the green apple flavor I have. I use double mesh coil.

  3. Whats the best way to store 72mg 50/50 ratio nicotine iv been told store in the freezer and when i want to use it air the bottle what does that mean and how long do i wait when taking out the freezer and to mix and whats best way to store pg and vg and best way to store flavourings

  4. The reason I need this is because my cousin is picking me up a vape pen and I'm gonna have to pay 36 dollars if I also get e juice. And I only have 20 dollars so I figured, why not just make juice myself

  5. Well, I've ordered my stuff. I'm using a scale for measuring. Too lazy to wash all the glassware. LOL
    Looking forward to getting going. I'm tired of buying E liquids only to find out they taste like dung.
    Prices here (my area) are about 50 cents per ml of premium juice. Too much. Especially when one tastes like, well, you know .

  6. This looks interesting and kind of a little vaping hobby. Can anyone tell me the size of beaker and syringes he's using. And places to get them from in the UK? It'd be greatly appreciated, many many thanks.

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