1. PROOF the DOJ, HHS, CDC, VICP covered up Causation Correlation between Vaccines & AUTISM
    Dr. Andrew Zimmerman WHISTLEBLOWER (US Govt. EXPERT Witness FIRED!??*), as of Sept. 7th, 2018, which he informed several DOJ attorneys on *June 15, 2007 that;

    #8. … "there were exceptions in which Vaccination could CAUSE Autism ." …

    #9. … "in a subset of Children an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction, vaccine induced fever and immune stimulation that exceeded metabolic energy reserves could, and in at least one of my patients, did cause regressive encephalopathy with features of Autism Spectrum disorder . " …

    #10. … "I explained that my opinion regarding exceptions in which Vaccines could CAUSE Autism was based upon advances in science, medicine, and clinical research of one of my patients in particular." …

    #20. … "In my opinion, it highly misleading to allow the Department of Justice to continue to use my original written expert testimony , as to Michelle Cedillo, as evidence against the remaining petitioners in the O.A.P. in light of the above referenced information which I explained to the DOJ attorneys while omitting the caveat regarding exceptions in which Vaccinations could CAUSE Autism. " … (In Layman's = The DOJ LIED, committed Purgery)

    http://fullmeasure.news/news/cover-story/the-vaccination-debate (This is what a REAL Unbiased Journalist sounds like, Folks) https://sharylattkisson.com/2019/01/06/dr-andrew-zimmermans-full-affidavit-on-alleged-link-between-vaccines-and-autism-that-u-s-govt-covered-up/ ( Dr. Zimmerman's Affidavit , don't Believe me read it for yourself)

    We ALL live in a Corporatocracy, where as the Bottom-Line matters more than Human LIFE, even our CHILDREN'S LIVES. The DOJ omits data/evidence just as the CDC omits data-sets (Scientific Findings) to protect the Bottom-Line & SALES of BigPharma, RISKING the Health of the Population & targeting our CHILDREN 1st and foremost, then our Seniors and then Mother's-To-BE!! There's no difference between these two.

    The O.A.P. Omnibus Autism Proceedings, which consisted of over 5,400+ petitioners of Vaccine Injured, ONLY 6 Cases were reviewed that determined the outcome for the 5,400+. Doesn't sound like Due Process to me Folks (Violates the 5th Amendment) in the 1st place, this is how our Justice System works today and further evidence of the CORRUPTION within the VICP. The VICP has PAID out more than $4,033,000,000.00 BILLION DOLLARS in DAMAGES due to VACCINES!!! This figure should be 10X's that, at over $40 BILLION In DAMAGES, but alas the VICP are CORRUPT PAID SHILLS. The 5,400+ Injured CHILDREN represented an additional $1,000,000,000.00++ BILLION DOLLARS in DAMAGES to add to that VICP Total and do you know what happens IF that TRUST runs out of MONEY?? The VICP would be REVOKED and BigPHARMA would be LIABLE once again, paying out 10's to 100's MILLIONS each year, instead of us Tax Payers! So, there were plenty of REASONS why these DOJ Attorney's LIED, as well as the DOJ Admin's & the VICP Kangaroo Hearings . Until this program is ended, BigPHARMA will continue the POISONING of our Children & our Seniors & all our Pregnant Mother's to be ( there's NO SCIENCE demonstrating Vaccines are Safe for developing fetuses–ZERO!..NEVER EVER! ). Besides, EVERY FDA Vaccine Clinical Trial VIOLATES the SCIENTIFIC METHOD FACT!!…because NO CONTROL (Saline-Placebo) is EVER used in the Experiments! (a 7th Grade Biology Student would know this is WRONG/FRAUD! ) Yet, our "White Coats" in lockstep, follow their orders Jack-Boot style, Damn COWS is all they are, with no Critical Thought what-so-ever.

    BILLIONS in DAMAGE FOLKS, THINK!! What Drug, Plain Train, Car or Tool would you CONTINUE to USE, IF it CAUSED BILLIONS in DAMAGE? HMM??? LOL! Folks better WAKE UP or it WILL literally cost you TIME from your LIFE or WORSE a Loved One!!! FACT!

    These are 2 perfect examples that demonstrate exactly how the Federal Government & BigPharma, intentionally violate the Scientific Method, committing Fraud.

    Dr. Gary Goldman CDC WHISTLEBLOWER Official Statement….."When research data concerning Vaccine used in Human Populations is being suppressed and/or being misrepresented, this is very disturbing and goes against all scientific norms and compromises professional ethics."…..

    Take a listen to Dr. Gary Goldman (CDC) at the 21:42 & 30:00 mark….this should Help everyone understand what we're ALL dealing with, from the *Horses-mouth.*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9owLjgItcJU

    Dr. William Thompson CDC WHISTLEBLOWER Official Statement…."I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed."….

    Dr. William Thompson, CDC WHISTLEBLOWER …still one of their TOP Scientist (he's protected, thank God). In August of 2014, Dr. Thompson came forward and stated: He conducted a FRAUDULENT Study, his Colleagues conducted a FRAUDULENT Study and Top CDC Admins conducted a FRAUDULENT Study, that was ordered by Congress via the DOJ. The study in question was the last Federally funded study that looked at the Causation Correlation concept between the MMR Vaccine & Autism. Sadly, all of these Scientist & Admins OMITTED Scientific Data (Data-sets), that demonstrated Causation Correlation between the MMR Vaccine & Autism. They ALL Violated the Scientific Method.

    In a science experiment, One is not allowed to OMIT data that does NOT fit the Scientists Hypothesis, this is FRAUD. A scientists is supposed to adjust their Hypothesis based upon the data collected, not the other way around. Due to the Conflicts of Interest/Corruption that exists within the CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS, etc. not even Science is safe or effective in the United States or with our Allies as a matter of Fact.

    African American Males have a 340% INCREASED RISK of an Autism Diagnosis, IF that CHILD receives the MMR Vaccine PRIOR to 36 months of age. FACT!!

    This was the data-set (Scientific Findings) the CDC Covered up & literally threw in the Trash. When Dr. Thompson was ordered, along with his Colleagues to dispose of this information. Dr. Thompson knew it was a violation of Federal Laws, like FOIA and he kept all of his data. He gave Congress (Posey (FL)) over 10,000 pages of this evidence as PROOF of the FRAUDULENT SCIENCE. Sadly, since our Congress & Senate are CORRUPT as well…..Nothing has come about because of this? Not even so much as a WARNING to AFRICAN AMERICAN PARENTS ???? Sadly, the DOJ has FAILED to ACT as well, which confirms their CORRUPTION! The Scientific Journal "Pediatrics" that published the paper, has yet to RETRACT the paper, despite the testimony of FRAUD, by a Author, so the Pediatrics Journal is CORRUPT, a worth-less RAG!

    What I have stated is a FACT and not up for debate …..as if anyone could debate these FACTS anyways, but simply IGNORING the 10,000 pages of EVIDENCE and Testimony of Dr. William Thompson is the norm today. There's no way to disprove/debunk this, one can read Dr. Thompson's Testimony & Listen to Congressman Posey's statements before Congress.

    Next…..Research Dr. Judy Mikovitz WHISTLEBLOWER An accredited Scientists that has exposed Retro-Viruses that exist within EVERY Vaccine. Retro-Viruses are viruses that reside in other animal kingdoms and when injected in Mammals, can lay dormant, but upon activation, can create a firestorm of illness (Your Dr. won't have a clue what's wrong). SV40 is such a Retro-Virus, that resides within the Polio Vaccine, which has contributed to the mass epidemic of 1,000.000's of Cancers we see today. Once again, despite Dr. Mikovitz alerting the Alphabet Soup Regulators, Congress, Senate, etc. regarding the DANGERS concerning Retro-Viruses, our Federal SHILLS still remain SILENT, protecting BigPharma's Bottom-Line, instead of protecting Human Life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8T30xzES30

    What everyone should know & consider about Vaccines :

    1. ALL Vaccines contain Retro-Viruses (cause Cancer++).

    2. ALL Vaccines contain Round-Up/Glyphosate & 1/3rd contain ARSENIC (cause Cancer++).

    3. All Vaccines contain TOXIC Chemicals (Neuro-Toxins/Chemo Drugs/Aborted Fetuses).

    4. The Science behind Vaccines is Fraudulent (Pseudo-Science).

    5. Safe Vaccines could be manufactured, but purposely they are left TOXIC.

    6. Federal Regulators have been Captured by Industry (All Credibility Lost).

    7. The Scientific Method is DEAD within the United States & with our Allies (AND it's NOT just Vaccines, think again!)

    What ACTUALLY ELIMINATED 95% of ALL Infectious Diseases in North America & the World for that matter ….(even Countries that DIDN'T have Vaccine Campaigns) This is NOT TAUGHT at BigPharma's Universities for some reason. Hmm? Wonder WHY?

    #1. Proper Waste Management & Clean Water (Thank a Plumber, NOT a Dr.)

    #2. Nutrition (Bread Basket-Vitamin C CURED Scurvy)

    #3. Quarantine (CURED Spanish Flu)

    #4. Less Confined Living Conditions

    #5. Clean Terrain (Hygiene-CURED the Spanish Flu)

    It's US against THEM (the Remorseless Psychopaths, Fraudulent Scientists & SKEPTIC Paid SHILLS )

    Either, you're with the PEOPLE or the Psychopaths in Washington (& their buddies; DOJ, Saddam, VICP, Osama, CDC, Noriega, FDA, the Shah, EPA, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), HHS, Trilateral Commission, NIH, Saudi's, AMA, Likud Coalition, Stalin, Israeli Govt., BigPharma, Hitler, CIA, FBI, etc.). It's real simple Folks..

  2. Charlotte's Web, thanks for the clip, best wishes mate hope your daughters now ok. The CW CBD oil guys deserve a Nobel Prize for what they've done in making their strain of plant/product, as it is they are hitting road blocks all over the world.

  3. I work in a depo and I love when I see medical patients and not just people there to get high. I never rush my medical patients. The other crack heads I canโ€™t wait to scoot out.

  4. Promising, didn't enjoy waking up covered in my own blood. Literally. Wish there was acceptable healthcare for someone like me. Instead, Stanford prison experiment. Not cool. Yeah, that's gonna result in significant distrust. It's was only while pregnant or recovering from my fracture that I received any thoughtfulness while in medical care. Literally.

    Meanwhile, something as simple as CBD oil could have helped so many had it not been literally demonized as some kind of horror.

    Uh, no. I didn't even use it myself until very recently. Haloperidol sucks ass. Been there, done that. Consider it psychological torture. Lawsuit material. I shit you not. The drugs they test on children isn't ethical. Adults are abundantly aware of this fact. They choose to dump that substance upon anyone they deem evil. It's result is terror while awake, at all times. Literally, it's my medical condition currently. Complex PTSD never leaves the back of my mind. That's not paranoia, it's shitty childhood memories. Some of those memories also entail jokingly suffocating your firestorm. Memories. She was over 500 pounds. I was maybe fifty to sixty pounds.

    CBD has potential for ethical applications in tangible and mental healthcare. Unfortunately, so many in society have deemed marijuana as religiously sacrilegious. Even in confirmed cancer cases. So many issues while contemplating how to navigate to better care overall.

  5. Sounds a lot like Charlotte Figgy.
    There is so much proof that cannabis oil works and yet so many politicians still want to keep medical cannabis illegal.
    I think those politicians need to be jailed for keeping a much needed treatment out of reach.

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