A Sea of Green (Marijuana Crime Drama/Full Movie)

In 2014 the marijuana crime drama and cult classic was released on DVD and now you can see the movie in HD for free. From writer/director Myster DL comes a …


  1. I love this movie!!! I live in Alton CA Humboldt 707 and it's pretty much on point!!! BLACK MARKETS MATTER!!! LOVE seeing Garth rep what we do thanks..and if your ever in the hwy 36 area by hydesville holla would love to burn with ya… thanks for repen Humboldt so hard

  2. So that's the view from i293 in Manchester NH. That's not Boston. It's an old mill building that I think southern New Hampshire University has class rooms in. At least there is a sign there.

  3. 'Merica has FALLEN
    Is this 'movie' for real? Are these actors actual people reading a script? I ask because this is MOVIE SUKS BIG TIME or more accurately, if this movie even remotely portrays ANYONE LIVING (see the acting (?) at around 20 minutes) then Lowell Mass is populated with fat girls (very one in this movie is at least 30 lbs over) and inbred retarded weirdo's.

    Good Night Irene! What the HELL has happened to our USA?
    Nothing to be proud of here

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