A sweeping marijuana bill could get a floor vote

A sweeping bill to legalize marijuana, expunge criminal records and reinvest in communities impacted by prohibition has made it through committee. Learn more …


  1. why is tobacco not on a controlled substance act as it has killed a billion plus people and how many medically reported deaths related to marajuana use are there Just saying you pig headed rep. and I use lower case letters because they are not worthy.

  2. Truth the new aMErikan hate speech.
    Treason has been in our gov't for 100 years. Bring experts in to tell them why they should make it legal ?
    What expert Nazi's made it illegal 90 years ago to begin with in the so-called free country ?
    Govt and Corp NAZI FASCISM 101 lives in aMErika.

  3. Illegal tax on a natural cure-all plant…disguised as justice and a 'people's agenda'… "give us your money and we'll regulate cannabis with tax"… How about decriminalizing cannabis instead, while promoting the health benefits that the US Gov,… already knows about due to their decades of clandestine research and patent grabbing in association with the plant?

    They are expressing a tax that will be used to fund their legal defense once everyone sues the shit out of them… asses

  4. Look guys. I really hate to say it but the moore act is actually just bullshit. It has no chance of passing. Its actually only a ploy to make it seem like our legislative branch actually care about marijuana. After much investigation, i discovered that if this bill gets any attention, other than for the purpose of your senators to appear as though they care about how Americans feel about marijuana. Its simply bullshit. The main reason, bc all of these senators wouldn't benefit from the actual legalization.

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