A Vaping-Related Illness Has Turned Deadly, Here’s What You Need to Know

Vaping has soared in popularity, with now more than 40 million users worldwide. But an unexplained respiratory illness has swept the U.S. in recent weeks, and …


  1. Here's a crazy idea: how about you lot don't smoke OR vape? That way your breath won't stink of shit, you probably won't get lung disease – and as a bonus, you also won't look like a bit of a twat.

  2. I've started e-cig and in a matter of 1 month I started feeling shortness of breath and waking up at night feeling like I was drowning… It was one of the WORSE FEELINGS EVER. . . Everytime I cough, I feel like water/liquid was coming up my airways… Went to pneumologist and now I don't smoke… But I use a daily Inhalator. . .

    Starting it was COMPLETELY NOT WORTH IT. . . And Scarry too…

  3. Vitamin E acetate doesn’t adjust THC levels: it has no THC and has no interaction with it. You mean it masks the adjustment of THC levels, by thickening it to make it seem like its higher potency.

  4. But you didn't mention how much money did the cigarette company paid you? Stop with this yellow journalism. This is strictly related to THC vaping, simple nicotine vaping had little to no effects.

  5. But somehow cigarettes are still sold everywhere and they stre proven to cause death. And all that flavored alcohol is all good right. All I know for sure is that my clothes don't smell and my automobile doesn't smell.

  6. So I have a question :

    All these statements refer to the THC liquids or "Flavored" liquids.

    What about the unflavored nic. Liquids?

    I know at the end of the day it is bad one way or another… but these specific points seem to refer strictly to the flavored liquids etc.

    I use unflavored BlackNote liquid.

  7. many health investigators suspect that vaping might be to blame…. so … if i drink poison , "drinking" might be to blame ?… not the poison that I drank, but to drink??… idiots.

  8. I am 25 years old started vaping at 19 everyday !!! Here I am now at 36 mg with 99% o2 sats great blood pressure . I buy my juice as clean as possible factory produced unflavored 50/50 pg vg .

  9. i live in mass, and i can tell ya all the businesses that this ban effected more than the 7 who died. so many people are gonna be affected long term. people trying to quit nicotene, and people who hate cigarette, as well as stoners up here are all mental cuz of it. everyone is depressed and sluggish now.

  10. The amount of misinformation in this is saddening, why do so many news outlets join the propaganda train. The Problem ist lipids, not vaping. Please show the concentrations of heavy metals „found in the vapor“ compared to in normal air. The only country experiencing this is the US in a very small area, not even US-wide. Then the „ultrafine particles“ – the Problem is the terminilogy because aerosols below a certain size are classified as ultrafine particles, it is not particulate matter. Just very sad to see this badly researched piece of propaganda to try to get views by taking the death of children and using it to boost publicity of the channel and impart your political agenda.

  11. No one ever brings up the wire and cotton used to burn the vaping products.
    The wire used to make the coils is basically welding wire, and we know harmful chemicals can be released from metals when burned ( red) at higher temperatures. So I could see how that wouldn't be good for you.
    And that cheap cotton used to wrap the coil and soak up the vaping liquid which allows the coil to burn it, microscopic particles of burnt cotton probably isn't very good for your lungs either.

    I think they might find in future studies that the vaping unit itself probably isn't very good for you after long term exposure?

  12. The people who died were using black market dab carts that were cut with vitamin E acetate . I also know that in the area of Rochester NY there were many dab carts made with absolutely no cannabis in them at all. People I know tested a bunch after hearing about the deaths and found only opiates. So be careful. And this video is misleading.

  13. Not to mention the heavy metals in juice coming from China. Also, we don't know if these extremely high temperatures these larger batteries provide as vaporizing some of the heating coils materials as well. I've stopped all together.

  14. The danger of Vitamin E spiked e-liquid has been well known for YEARS!!! Why is this some revelation to FDA and authorities investigating the recent health epidemic issue. Commercial over the country e-liquids are NOT the problem, it's the fake ass knock off THC carts that are being sold on black market, where the sellers have used Vitamin E oil in them. Yet the response is to ban flavored nicotine e-liquid, which ISN'T even associated with the victim's dying and falling ill. Politicians are so stupid .. especially when smoke shops are just selling the flavoring separate from the nicotine liquid .. vapors can still vape the same thing as always, laws that do nothing are not solutions, just a pain in the ass that benefits the dishonest politicians promoting them to an ignorant voter base.

  15. Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.Nov 28, 2018

    https://www.cdc.gov › data_statistics

  16. The dumb thing about banning vaping is that they haven't banned cigarettes. Literally millions of people around the world die every year from tobacco products and they're still for sale, yet seven people die from bad eLiquid and they want to ban it? That is absurd.

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