ACT legalises marijuana for personal use

ACT Labor politician Michael Pettersson says he doesn’t believe there will be tension between territory and Commonwealth laws, after the Barr government …


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  2. The Sky interviewer needs to know different drugs have different affects, ice is chemical, marijuana is natural. Alcohol is a drug that is legal and has the same issues if not worse affect on our health. Good on you ACT at less one state in Australia has common sense.

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  4. Complicated western laws. federal law and state law can be similar to, when a mother grants a child permission to do/have something, but the father ultimately decides whether to allow the child what they want. Watching this interview, however, it seems, the older fellow has the understanding that federal law will be ultimately undermined/overridden by state legislation. Some good points by the older fellow, e.g ; " so giving some to your neighbour, that you grew, is an offence" ? ( supply being illegal still ). Again, complicated western laws ( why ? To intentionally confuse the masses ?, therefore more likely for law enforcement to be able to charge people with criminal behaviour ? Because of confusion and resultant stress, increased likelihood people will seek a doctors opinion on getting a mental illness diagnosis and therefore a script for psychiatric drugs ? ). Perhaps the west should adopt Sharia law, that unless retarded or mentally challenged, most people will have a clear understanding of what is permissible/allowed, and what is not. Much less confusion. In much of the middle east that is occupied by a muslim majority, the promotion ( by advertising, shops..etc ) of alcohol consumption is discouraged, even forbidden at times for muslims. Pious muslims understand alcohol consumption is haram ( statements in the quran clearly support abstinence ). It makes complete sense, that if you do not want someone to do wrong, you do not provoke/tempt them to do so, unless you are somewhat a sadist, looking for an excuse to punish somebody, and sure, there are plenty of self identified muslims so inclined to do just that. keyboard warrior response coming soon ? perhaps ? 🙂

  5. You ruined my whole adult life over a couple of cannabis plants and now you're going to let everyone do it, no penalty? WHAT! I'd rather be given belligerent status in their endless war on people like me.

  6. pothead pollies thats why two sets of rules cannot make any crooooocked money that way what about cocaine test that were coming no news not a surprised nothing suss ??good show mick !!

  7. These law makers are CRAZY letting marijuana into our society.. think of the potential increase in psychosis cases?!? Takes a swig of Bundy & coke and drags his Winnie blue

  8. one of my friends recently suffered a heart attack due too caffeinated drinks, a combo of both coffees and V drinks. Another one of my friends is diabetic due to his love for soft drinks and surgery shit. Cannabis that has no adverse effects, and hasn't killed a single soul. Banned because fuck you…
    I consider sugar more dangerous than thc. Alot more dangerous.

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