Adding Sugars To Cannabis Plants Guide – Molasses, Corn Syrup or Honey

Today on Lex’s World, let’s talk adding sugars to your marijuana plants! This is a common additive that growers use; we’ll talk about how much sugar to use, …


  1. Hey man i love your show, i have learned so much from your videos. Thanks for giving me the motivation to grow my first plants.
    I really hope i can get good as you. P.S. when will you make a video about how to know if the seeds you have is female or male seeds before planting.

  2. lol it deff adds some crystal molasses anyway , im sure it adds some flavor profile ive done tests with adding juice for the last 12 hr before harvest and the flavor and sometimes the color will change to definable under tones in taste …

  3. I was wondering if I can use unsulfured blackstrap molasses powder in place of the sugar? If so, I was thinking mixing it in with a topsoil recipe and I was wondering if you had any insight on how much of the powder I should use?

  4. Mine was planted in a 60 litre bag of high quality compost and I exposed the biggest roots and covered them in honey (this was still in veg). Now it's in its 2nd week of flower all I have gave her is water.. she's doing so well though with hundreds of flowers all over her 🙂 I was thinking maybe throw some bonemeal in there?

  5. Hey I'm trying a experiment with some bag seeds. I use 4 table spoons of molasses and 4 table spoons of fish/seaweed fertilizer per gallon of water. I'm now mixing used coffee grounds and my weed ash to make a super carbon fertilizer. Anyone try this? It's 9/12/19 Will let you know how the plants grow and taste (if female)

  6. First time grower here! Love Lex's world videos. Many tips and strategy's here. I am doing the molasses now in flower. In week five and man the collas are swelling up nicely. To the point where my fellow grower are shocked, that my plant looks so good! So far so good,as far as no bugs! The strain is space man, and is getting fat and frosty! Can't wait to give it a try!

  7. Soooo… we're in full flowering phase–just fed the 4 girls yesterday Miracle Grow Tomato, Fruit & Veg. Want to start using Crosby's Cooking Molasses for next watering. The ratio of 1-2Tbls /gallon should be enough for the 4 plants per watering right? By the way thanks for your ratio–makes so much sense ✌🏻. I'm takin' it that we will stop with the MG and just stick to the molasses when watering each time–right? Please advise. Many thanks DUDE you ROCK straight out to the Milky Way🌌… Blessings to you and yours. P.

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