Al Harrington on Being a CEO in the Green Rush & Getting Lit w/Mike Tyson | ABOUT THAT TIME

On this special episode of About That Time, we linked up with former NBA power forward (for 17 years!) Al Harrington, who has been an active entrepreneur in …


  1. I feel like I should start doing SESH's while watching WestfestTV XD

    Al is absolutely right about having to work with THC packaging to help the elderly feel more comfortable socially to try using it, my spouse's mum was dying of cancer but knowing that I was using medical marijuana for injuries I'd gotten in the military — my mother-in-law felt like it was something she could try to get relief outside of the opiates that were making the end of her life worse. Bless you Al 🙂

    Loving "ABOUT THAT TIME" too!

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