Antimatter Propulsion – Ryan Weed, CEO of Positron Dynamics

Positron Dynamics is out to make space travel to distant stars a reality using antimatter. Antimatter is the most energy-dense material known. Positrons are the …


  1. About these clusters of satellites… has anyone figured out how to clean up the space junk that make it dangerous to travel AND cause interstellar climate change?

  2. I love how people are just getting around to this, when Lazar already talked about this and how it's fueled element 115 which was recently created "Moscovium". He explained the tech, and said the only thing holding us back was that element which we now have.

  3. 5:35
    10 power plants running off of uranium.

    But only one if it was running off of thorium.

    I know a bunch of you are gonna comment "if that was true how come they dont UsE It DuMmY"

    The answer is cause thorium doesn't deplete into plutonium like Uranium does. (Ingredient for nukes)

  4. I guess the human body can withstand the g-force of something capable of traveling light speed??
    Do the math. Our best chance of discovering life on other planets will be to harnesssing the power of the past and using predictive interpollating to determine future events.

  5. Hello would like to know the new type satellites in low orbit that can move around when needed, question are these able to project images if they consolidate together like projectors that’s what I would like to know.🕶

  6. For a 100 tonne rocket you would need to eject a mass of 1 kg/sec at a speed of 1000 km/sec to achieve a 1 g acceleration, this would take you to 10% of light speed in 35 days, BUT you would have needed over 3,000 tonnes of particles to have been ejected (and if you plan a return trip it will be 4 times as much).

  7. He states that because the charged PARTICLES are ejected at 1000 km/s that means that the ROCKET will travel 1000 km/s – not true. You could in principle get close to light speed by throwing tennis balls backwards by hand (if you could stand in a space suit for a few millennia throwing balls, and if you had enough balls). All that matters for rocket thrust is: 1) the amount of matter ejected backwards per second, and 2) speed of matter ejected backwards IN RELATION to rocket.

  8. One thing he is forgeting is that while it would take forty years to get there, at that speed the people on the ship would perceive a passing of only a few months (Einstein's theory of relativity)

  9. I think the next level is non physical, transporting matter across the universe is not efficient, that is why build it bigger and more powerful is dinosaur era, human has exceptional cognitive ability means we are built to explore with intelligence, mechanical will obsolete.

  10. we don't need to physically BE in outer space to b in outer space. what sense is it that humans haven't achieved through technology. we don't have the technology to thrust our species into the next dimension safely no we just haven't developed to manipulate and harness the poles of gravity

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