1. It's a bit like breast implant, they said it was safe then years later you see harmful effects it can have. There hasn't been a long terms studies into GMO so it's best to avoid it, there are lots of credible scientis saying you should not eat GMO.

  2. Monsanto has a patent on a gene that makes guys sterile, apparently they put that in corn!!!! Why!?!?! you can only guess, but the lab study has shown that the mice which ate this GMO corn became sterile after 2 generations. Well, just a one off example, make your own mind up as always.

    The biggest problem with genetics is that, it isn't linear, in most cases changing one gene doesn't just equal changing one singe feature, it may have a kncok on effects on whole host of things. We will not know the long term consqueses of it until it might be too late.

  3. The content is great, as usual, but there's somtething that's not being adressed, the threat of cross-contamination of GMO's to traditional seeds. This factor can shift the benefits, and then gmo's are mainly produced by huge corporations that de-regulate themselves whenever they can. How does this affect the whole GMO issue?

  4. genetically modified plants are an important weapon in our battle against climate change….genetic engineering has the potential to save mankind and change the way we live forever….

  5. I'm sure Kurzgesagt isn't going to change this anymore, but I'm doing a secondary school project on GMOs and I checked the source for the American Chestnut Tree claim of making it a super effective carbon collector. The source said that a new chestnut tree was engineered to make it resistant to a fungus that nearly wiped it out in the 1900s. It said that if re-planted, it could absorb a lot of carbon. But this is only at a normal level, just like planting any other tree absorbs carbon. It never actually said that it was engineered to absorb especially a big amount of it. I did further research and I didn't find a single source that claimed that it had been egineered to make it more effective at collecting carbon. I still love kurzgesagt and their video, but the "supereffective carbon collector" chestnut tree does not exist.

  6. Calling all Kurzgesagt subscribers and readers – note I will increase my daily calling out of invasive hate trolls until this stops. Kurzgesagt fans and science respecting educated adults who hate trolls and malicious liars – Join me in reporting the anti-science GMO hater troll 'Almost but Not Entirely Unreasonable' who is in fact mentally ill. Let's not allow hater trolls and malicious liar stalkers to take over this venue. Whether they are Russian spammers, Greenpeace activists or organic industry operatives the result is the same. If you sort for newest and scroll down you will see just how bad this infection is. We welcome debate but not liars with ulterior motives that insult the integrity of our hard working farmers and scientists. Flag him for cyber bullying and report his channel because the shitty, practically non-existent moderation scheme in G+ has no specific button for reporting stalkers or malicious trolls. Kurzesagt works on your behalf to post the truth, don't let trolls get away with trying to discredit the effort. To report these trolls, click on their channels, locate the flag button and report them for cyber bullying or spam or both. Copy this page's address into the complaint form and click it.

    LOL. Fact is: That is EXACTLY what they have done…….why do Americans TOLERATE the utter failure of their Public Safety Regulators?? Hahahaha, …a new molecularly manipulated Food is safe until proven otherwise?? Yum, yum…..munch away in the land of the free… just don't bring that SHIT near me.

  8. You totally missed out on my, and many other farmers, biggest objection to GMO‘s which is how Monsanto has treated farmers and dairies and the public through its abusive lawsuits. Monsanto is to blame for much of the resistance against GMO‘s. They shot themselves in the foot with all their legal entanglements. Monsanto spent in Normas amounts of money on legal teams attack in farmers. Monsanto push for legislation that would ban wording about rBST free milk. That one in particular backfired on them totally. In the end Walmart killed rBST by simply banning it from their shelves. All of this because Monsanto kept attacking people in the courts. On a related note the whole issue of patents on life with also missed your video and that is another big objection to the amounts. Admittedly there also patents on hybrids those too I object to.

  9. If it tastes the same then why does western food tastes like shit and it's filled with added sugar? Why does every foreign guy fall in love with Eastern EU food, especially from the poor Slavic countries? Foreign people in my country literally eat everything and talk about food all time, how good it is compared to wherever that were in the past.
    Cheers 🙂

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