As More States Legalize, Some Couples Inspired To Incorporate Weed Into Weddings | NBC Nightly News

With recreational use of marijuana allowed in ten states, some aficionados have decided to incorporate weed into their wedding ceremonies β€” combining the …


  1. Our schools teach White students that they are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support White Genocide.
    Their teachers never tell them, β€œWhite self-hatred is SICK!!!β€œ
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  2. It would be a shame if these folks start getting mysteriously robbed, DCF calls if they have kids, bad batches laced with Fenty, or constant BBQ Becky calls to the police etc.. Amsterdam is more sophisticated and filled with less burnouts. Americans are straight out broke serf drug addicts who idolize weed. That's why Amsterdam will last and America will get burnt out. Americans are friggin dribble headed Timmy's with no class. Hope you folks get into a violent bloody war over drugs , politics and fake news. It would be glorious to watch America burn from within it's own border.

  3. Go against present country and U.S. state recreational marijuana legalization because it continually supports criminal organizations. An example of this is a plethora of criminal organizations and individual criminals were caught exploiting recreational marijuana legalization by operating facilities to get Colorado marijuana to sell it both in and outside of Colorado according to (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 5: Page 4). These examples out of many more shows recreational marijuana legalization continually brings in and supports criminal organizations. This increase of criminal activity raises crime.

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