1. Man I can't get this shit to work 5 clicks 2 clicks 3 clicks hold it down nothing charged it for 2hrs then 4 light turns red for 60secs then turns off I'm beginning to think this shit is just trash

  2. Bought the flip key version. Flip part where cart goes on.. BROKE frist time! Asking refund for poor quality plastic. Ooh an dit never chnaged voltage levels. Said it did. Only one setting. Sad, had promise

  3. The piece where the thread is that you screw the cartidge flew off the second day i had it but i stuck it back on and it works. Should i still use it or throw it away im scared it might blow up if its damaged

  4. A tip since ive been seeing ppl complain about the white color, or if your pens not hitting. To turn it on, you click 5 times, then you just press and hold to hit, the color really doesnt matter but if it white, that means youre connections bad. An easy fix for this is if youre screwing the cart too tightly, unscrew it just a little and evetually if you press the button, you should be hitting fine.

  5. My dab pen is the exact same but you can change the button color and at one point u can run a colors but I tried it and. It made my pen smoke up and now it smells & tastes burnt please help!

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