1. True fact. My two mates discovered this they got in through the roof and found the weed. One was kidnapped and he was beaten up and dumped in a ditch the other got away. Funny thing is they covered it up saying it was an Indian restaurant (the people growing).

  2. Hope they didn't get too long it's such a shame because I guarentee that a good chunk of it would have been made into medicinal oils for people with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, H.I.V., spinal cord disease, cancer, arthritis etc and without these people that are ballsy enough to grow it then these people that are ill are going to either be in 10x the amount of pain or maybe even dead. So please if anyone from Nottinghamshire police is reading this and you think you might be able to help please do something I know you won't be able to sort out the nations issue but at least try and do it for your hometown
    P.s. I'm sure whoever's reading this is aware of the fact so many youngsters have gained a record from some smoke that's a fraction as harmful as alcohol dont forget this

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