Benefits Of carrom seeds ( bishops weed) |Treat Constipation And Gastritis Naturally

Benefits of carrom weeds ( bishops weed) l Treat Constipation and Gastritis Naturally In this video I shared about benefits of bishops weed also known as …


  1. If you have clinic in Moscow then do you have Indian customers there? Why don’t you try to come to UK, London and open a clinic? We have large Indian, asian community here. People originate from India like me, would like to use Aaurvedic medicines.

  2. Hi sir goodmorning. My brother have hand injury.sombody cutting my anna hand because of some issues .he have severe nerve injury palm hand cutted 2 part.whT r the foods to eat to support the nerves and reduces the pain.(docters done plastic surgery )

  3. Doctor considering health benefits, how should I intake this daily?
    Ajwain 1 teaspoon + Luke warm water
    Ajwain 1 teaspoon + buttermilk
    Ajwain tea

    Which one?
    Also what's the best time to have this medicine?
    Is it in the morning or evening or night before going bed?

  4. doctor because of gastric problem, my periods also getting stop within two days for the last two months…I'm usually very skinny but belly is bloated ,butt and thigh have muscles kinda like cellulites compare to upper body. is this bishop weed tea help to recover all kind of stomach issues and help me to maintain balanced diet..these I'm in depression, am in stomach pain , gastric problem and also I'm not healthy… I always losing stamina even I breathe.people calling me sick and bashing me body shaming me…. please let me know what solution for this .what should I do. I can't able to go school like other students. please help me to survive. I'm in the room alone always.please give a solution for this….thanq so much sir

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