Bernie Brings Marijuana Legalization back to Presidential Politics

Bernie Sanders brings Marijuana Legalization Back into Presidential Politics by promising to Descheduling Cannabis within the first 100 days of his Presidency.


  1. A lot of anti Bernie comments in here that aren't based on anything but feelings. Try a little harder. Also, friends or not, spamming my comment section with unrelated hyperbole is just rude. Please stop or I will be forced to remove them. When I said I might go to bat for Bernie in the comment section, I didn't mean against Joe McCarthy and Alex Jones. WATCH THE VIDEO if you think you know more about Civics class than me, BECAUSE I ALREADY COVERED ALL THAT SHIT! Without tooting my own horn, I know a thing or two about how the government works, the Technical Details of Executive Orders, and the Previous fight we have already had over the issue of Descheduling. If you aren't aware of the long battle to deschedule cannabis, GO DO YOUR OWN DAMN RESEARCH.

  2. Iam gonna tell u fck Cory booker he let legalization crap out in New Jersey last year I have a medical marijuana card here for years n my house got broke into last year n iam fighting a case now with a njmmp card for a few personal plants it’s just absolute bullshit don’t believe that asshole Corey booker he is no different from the rest

  3. Can a Mayor decriminalize pot? I agree Booker did nothing, but I think the only pot any Mayor has any sway over are the holes in the streets. He maybe could have told the city (only) police not to enforce pot laws IN THAT CITY, which would have been a good thing at the time. However Booker did not even do that which tells me he is only riding the wave, not making the wave.

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