In this video I talk about the best 5 LED grow lights in 2019. The LED grow lights in this video are complete fixtures for a 5’x5′ grow space. Lights that require …


  1. Just ordered 4 hlg 600 rspec for 3204 $ pre assembled and tested …at 2.51 umoles per joule. Seems to be the superior light that's y I went with that the 550 is just an over priced 600 that's insurable commercially

  2. Why is that everyone provides a recommendation based on using 1 big light. The dispersion rate makes them useless (my opinion) in a setting like this. Example: Nextlight, amazon image shows exactly what the light is for a 5×5 (30" from center) area. Standard sunlight pushes about 1,000 EVERYEWHERE. This light shows approx 700 in the middle out to 72 on the tips. And this single light costs you $1,500. Now I personally like my Phlizon Cree Cob Series 1000. This is not a recommendation for them perse but an example of what I chose to do over a single light. Instead of 1 big light I got 4 of these. The price on that is approx. $600 ($900 cheaper than your big light). The actual watts on these combined is just under 1,000 and drops to 600 when you don't run the strengthening lights (which are used in flowering stage only). The PAR values on the light are relatively similar for hights and distances. The key here is in my 5×5 tent, I have 4 center points versus 1. To estimate the PAR values (without physically using a meter) you can overlay the PAR spread chard over the 4 spots. You then have to add overlapping values to estimate. Now, my point here is one simple thing. Having multiple smaller less expensive lights can actually produce a far better light spread than a single light. Even for a person who won the lottery and doesn't give a shit on price, they still want the improved spread. I would really love to see some of these light companies or reviewers do a more realistic approach to setting up a tent with multiple lights and then do a metering.

  3. hey man im really looking into the rt grow light for a 4x4x6' tent. i have only heard of the hlg grow lights in your video the California light works light looks promising as well but what do you think of the Cronus cd-x2 or the viper-spectrum 600w those seem to be good ones as well…what do you think? to note i am a beginner grower i have only grown a few plants outdoors but now i want to get into indoor hydro deepwater culture to start.

  4. I see diminishing returns on light above 930 ppfd. Yes more light yeilds more but after 930 it is not economical, unless the room had CO2. Just my personal experience.

  5. Costs me $630 to build these myself using Samsung F-series strips. cost another 180 to add osram far-red. But I see no evidence that the far-red will ever pay itself off.

  6. The lights I have added far red to do not produce any higher yield. I haven't had the product tested for other properties but there are no visible differences.

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