BEST CANNABIS GROW EVER!! Aeroponic Cannabis by James E Wagner!!

James E Wagner Cultivation Corporation (CVE:JWCA) is the only Canadian LP to grow Cannabis using aeroponic technology. What is aeroponics and how …


  1. Impressive operation. I'd like to know more about the misting nozzles you are using. Seems pretty hard to find good nozzles in the DYI world. Definitely seems like the best way to go. Those roots look amazing!

  2. Color me impressed … I've been farming Cannabis for 30+ years & to see this brings a tear of Joy to my eyes 🙂
    I 100% adhere to this house's schools of thought
    With near limitless funding, it makes me happy to know that this facility could have been of my design.

  3. Why do humans think growth under artificial lights is optimization of cannabis cannabinoids? This is where Aurora-will beat competition with there sky project. My farm has already assured our customers we are staying strictly sun light, with supplemental lighting for the few hours of indirect sun.

    A closed off plant to the natural world is as healthy as a cubical office IT worker.

    No thanks with that aeroponics artificial lighting controlled system. I’ll take soil with sunlight for growth season over any of that Hydro, aero, fast synthetic growing food products.

    Good ol sunlight with organic soil with a 6-9 month grow cycle has the best flavors and strongest cannabinol terpenoids. In a few years that will be what everybody wants, a few years ago everybody wanted exactly what you’re seeing on this episode.

    My farm has a focus on making Fine wine style cannabis; not Anheuser-Busch style beer for the everyday American dinner. That’s how we started, that’s how I will keep going. I see how everyone’s jumping into the artificial lighted system with closed recirculated ventilation.
    Using synthetic food. Because the organic food causes too much mold and clogges this type of growth system for its own good.

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