Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well! Todays video is a follow up to a video I did a few weeks ago about my personal experience with CBD alog with a few facts …


  1. You're so pretty, and so confident.
    I have a anxiety, low mood depression, ADHD Short term memory, which makes it hard to concentrate or sleep.
    I, hope, I can be as confident as you. My ex pretty much ruined my.confidence. By drugging and strangling me everyday for 8 months. People ask why I just didn't leave the first time we'll because it's extremely DANGEROUS to leave an abuser.
    I hope, I can learn to get my confidence back.

  2. I went on the Papa and Barkley website and that specific tincture wasn't available for delivery in my area. I don't want to sound pathetic but here it is: I've been in my house today and yesterday and haven't left. I'm literally drinking out of a bottle of leftover wine right now. I took psychiatric medications years ago and they were awful and I haven't been able to smoke and enjoy weed since. I recently tried CBD and it worked, but it's just so expensive. But it's worth the money if my life is going to be continually negatively impacted by my mental state. I have serious ups and downs, and I'd rather take a chance buying CBD and be able to finally obtain a job once again without worrying that I'm going to immediately quit the next day because my panic is so great and intense that I can't sleep at night and can't be myself around others. I feel great when I have a hangover but I cannot do that to myself, it's really unhealthy.

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