Big News For Aurora Cannabis – At What Price Is Canopy Growth A Buy ? Stock Market News 2019 ACB CGC

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  1. Stocks have been just bleeding green lately. It might be a great point to start reviewing my short-term portfolio for potential gains that I will later on put into my mid-long or long-term portfolio.

    Great video, it really gets you thinking, especially about Canopy. Keep pushing, brother, and collab soon!

  2. Any one else here got into IIPR stock at around 49 dollars? I only have 10 shares. Should have bought way more 😭… price now 78 in under a month,,, One of the lesser known American Cannabis stocks… company has no debt and will stock will only continue to grow as cannabis become legal in US…. what do u think of this stock.?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. Sounds like that Jeffery Gundlach has never smoked before. If you know nothing about the product, how can you possibly hope to understand the drive or the passion people have about the industry? He's only seeing it from the pov of a traditional investor, this movement is much bigger than that.

  4. I really think u should use the word pot weed or cannabis when taking about the sector brother. The Marijuana word is loaded with negative connotation. Just a suggestion other than that love your vids. I need to have your vids low cause u say the M word so much and I have kids around. Don't want them hearing it and start saying the word in school

  5. Helix TCS (HLIX) has been highlighted by Cannabis Business Executive as a top revenue generating ancillary business for the licensed cannabis industry. Through its industry-leading point-of-sale system, BioTrackTHC, Helix TCS ranks as the #1 revenue-generating company within the highly competitive dispensary point of sale category and, via its comprehensive security and technology platform, ranks as #33 overall among ancillary cannabis businesses (based on total revenue generation). Placed at #75 in 2017, Helix TCS made a significant jump by more-than-doubling annual revenue from 2017 to 2018.

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