Bill that would decriminalize marijuana at federal level passes House vote

A divided U.S. House committee approved a proposal Wednesday to decriminalize and tax marijuana at the federal level. The House Judiciary Committee …


  1. 0:30 but if President Trump DOES sign off on it, and this DOES become a reality and this furthers the economic growth under his presidency it’s going to be hard for the left to say “Yeah, federal prohibition of marijuana happened under Trump, the economy is booming and people’s record we’re expunged but vote for us”

  2. To become law, the MORE Act will have to pass the House of Representatives and the Senate and then be signed by the President. In the House, fifty Representatives have co-sponsored the MORE Act since Rep. Nadler introduced the bill to the Judiciary Committee on July 23.
    That same day, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) introduced the MORE Act to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the Republican-controlled upper chamber of Congress is less likely to approve the bill. In fact, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has already expressed his opposition to marijuana legalization. So has President Donald Trump, who would likely veto the MORE Act if it reached his desk. Therefore, the MORE Act will not likely become law this year or next year, even if the bill passes the House.

  3. “I won’t support that, but if it gets a chance on the floor it will pass” WTF How much sense does that make? THESE ARE THE PEOPLE DETERMINING OUR LIVELIHOODS AND WAY OF LIFE!!! How can you be so trivial with such responsibility? If these politicians don’t get their act together it will open the door for commies like Latin America right now…

  4. Graham would sign the bill if he had a relative hooked on opioids, or maybe a relative at home that can't get any quality of life without pills/meds. I don't blame the fact that he's older, but I can almost promise he's in the crowd of people who think alcohol is less dangerous than Marijuana.

  5. Trump said it would be up to the states. Guarantee it gets to him he will sign it because it will then be up to states just as it will be. Marijuana will finally have freedom just like Mother Nature intended. Watch lives be saved and changed daily. Time to shutdown Big Pharma , grow your own medicine let the poison pile up and expire. Time for us to take back what was took from us.

  6. When will this be brought to the house floor? How long does this process take? Will it be completely off the schedule list or just changed? How will this effect our rights to grow at home if we choose. For example will it still be a 6 plant limit in California? So many questions I have

  7. The one fear with legalization is that it will definitely be used as a back door for firearms seizures. Already on the 4473 (mj use is a disqualifier for a firearm on this federal form). I agree it should be legalized, but government will use it as a means of control on a Constitutional right that plainly states "shall not be infringed". They have created huge black markets with both mj and firearms with their legislative hijinks. At least mj black markets are not subject to regulation, as they are uncontrollable.

  8. Whether you support it or not it's on every street corner already…..prohibition has failed. And it's essentially harmless…….but anything can be abused like donuts and sweets cause obesity and diabetes but we aren't prohibiting those….one of my main issues with Republicans….even though I am a conservative leaning independent

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