Bloomberg: Legalizing Weed Is 'The Stupidest Thing Anybody Has Ever Done'

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday said that attempting to legalize recreational marijuana “is perhaps the stupidest thing anybody has …


  1. Are you really going to cite someone’s height as a way to denigrate them? Everything else may be correct but this sticks out as a nasty ad hominem. Besides, he’s 5’ 7”, not that bad.

  2. Do we make SUGAR ILLEGAL?? Look at the damage to health and welfare of the most dangerous ingested legal substance on this Earth!!! Do some research!! I am not suggesting the Domino Sugar website!! Look at the increase of fatty liver and Diabetes!! Look at processed food! You don't have to go back far 1965. Now let us take on legalization of what you may call drugs. What harm has this drug war done in America?? How many millions, Billions, trillions of tax payer dollars have been spent?? How many gang wars? How many millions of families have suffered, suffering the loss of a father, mother, sister or brother?? How many million people have gone to jail for NonVIOLENT ingestion of any substance?? WHO PAYS for the imprisoned?(tax payer) Say we lock up a working being for any nonviolent crime!! The family loses a bread winner!! The family may now need state and federal aid!!! Today the loss of one income crushes the abilities of a family to sustain itself!! So now we have a being in prison we are paying for and the family is on the Government Dole!! If this being ate 4 gallons of ice cream and the drank some Gasoline!! Would we lock them up?? AM I A FREE MAN?? I am for releasing all nonviolent beings from prison!! Who Makes Law??? I believe in most cases it is the elite furthering their own agenda!! If we the People are informed of the danger or damages caused by any product then it is our choice.. Fluoridation of your water harms EVERYONE Ingesting it or Absorbing it though bathing , showers!!! 90% OF ALL PROCESSED FOOD IS PRODUCED WITH FLUORIDATED WATER!! +(((HAS THE PUBLIC BEEN WARNED???)) READ THE TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE!!! DO NOT SWALLOW!! IF SWALLOWED CALL POISON CONTROL!!!

  3. Hes against HUMANITY and pure evilllllllllllll. When he says drugs kills he is saying Prescriptions drugs right? And yes he is right millions had died… Now let's go after those doctors and charge them for crimes against HUMANITY. WWG1WGA. WE ARE AWAKE MR. AND THE BULLSHIT YOU SPEAK IS FROM A TONGUE OF MANY SNAKES.

  4. Zero chance of winning the dem primary, and zero chance of winning the general. He's most effective when funding progressive causes like global warming and gun control while staying in the shadows and keeping his mouth shut.

  5. Just what we need, another billionaire running the country. Bloomberg, eat s***.
    The fear that 1% has now that AOC & Bernie’s ideas are gaining traction is evident in these hubris-filled bastards. They don’t live in the same world as the majority of the US lives in. They are clueless as to what life is like on our side of the economic line.

  6. Cannabis is the future of plant medicine, and maybe even medicine in general.

    It is one of the rare plants that produce compounds that work with our endocannabinoid system, it can fix issues without side effects, it works to balance our entire system with out breaking one part to fix another.

    As the science progresses, we will get closer and closer to being able to genetically match us with a strain that balances us out perfectly.

    You do not have to get "high/stoned" to take advantage of the health benefits from Cannabis.

    There is a reason why this plant has evolved along side human beings for 10,000 years, why we have protected this plant, and why it cannot be defeated by our ignorant government.

  7. Actually, I think the number was 1500 pounds of pot in order to OD. Only someone with more money than sense would be stupid enough to think people would believe him. He lost a huge number of voters by saying that.

  8. What a dumb shit. Ask the state of Colorado how terrible it has been since we legalized cannabis. Our state revenues are up, our addiction rates for opioids is lower than any red state, and for the love of God, cannabis HELPS people get off of opioids. It's NOT FUCKING ADDICTIVE and what is stupid is turning MILLIONS of Americans into criminals for NO reason at all. Bloomberg is a shit headed moron who has NO business running anything. He's a damned fool.

  9. electing him as president would be electing a corporate democrat version of donald trump. the worst decision made by the american people if he has A CHANCE of being voted in.

  10. He's an ignorant motherfuker he doesn't understand he's mindlessly repeating shit that somebody else told him and he can go fuck himself cuz I'm sitting here right now Washington State smoking me a big fat bowl of legal marijuana fucking eat me

  11. Most people don't know this but a few years ago Harvard Medical did I study trying to find what the lethal does of THC by smoking.

    The study ran for 5 days before it was scraped when all the local McDonald's ran out of mcnuggets.

  12. Of course you hate marijuana. When your billions of dollars were gained from pharmaceuticals, alcohol, private prisons, and other industries that benefit off keeping marijuana illegal.

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