My name is Scot Pekarek. I have Brain Cancer (Grade 2 Glioma). Welcome to my story! Nothing could prepare me for this, but I’m going to fight for my life and the …


  1. I'm on board with you. I hope you don't mind that I'm going to hang on to your coat tails. My soul knows everyday that heading in the wrong direction. You wouldn't know it looking in. We look up and above. But I don't like living in a same cereal box on a never ending shelf. Working just one isle over in the sad sack department.

  2. Hey man have you ever heard of or tried MMS (chlorine dioxide)? It’s considered a miracle cure, cures most dis-eases , but is especially helpful with cancer. There were a ton of testimonies on YouTube and they all got deleted recently. They’ve censor the fuck out of it and write hit pieces claiming it’s bleach and dangerous bla bla bla. It’s all propaganda and disinformation as usual. If you want I can send u more details but anyways I hope your doing well keep on fighting!

  3. I would give my own life to save the most important person to me. So no there isn't. That's my biggest fear is dying because of my ten year old son. That thought terrifies me because I'm really all he has. He's all I have.

  4. I find myself worrying about how my cancer is affecting my loved ones. It has scared the MF shit out of them. I am not impressed that its like I have been given a death sentence yet I have committed no crime. So It pisses me off. So I have decided no outside entity gets to choose if live or die. We are here to choose. The wisdom is within not out there. So I am about the business of living on my terms. I was an angry, fearful insecure person my whole life. Was it a waste? In a way but I figure it got me here so lets use it. These are my beliefs we all get to choose what we believe. Life thus far…. MESSY? So lets just help each other no matter if we agree with each other. Much love we got this! 💕 oh…when we feel like we DON’T got this its ok to ask for help. 💕

  5. 1. There is nothing I would not do to save a loved one.
    2. I'm guessing I would want to tell them how much they mean to me and that I love them and always will.
    3. Okay, number three is scary I won't lie.
    My question is how can family and friends provide support? What is the most important thing we can do to help?
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Praying and sending positive thoughts for you and family.

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