1. Mhm…no, there's no gene, it's a mutation, which our immune system adapted too. That's why we have immune cells, who devour wrongly duplicated, meaning mutated cells. If for some reason the cancer cell isn't found early enough, it takes on growing until it's too much to handle. It's the cost of evolution.

  2. Oh Dr. Lipton….protect yourself against the wrath of Big Pharma!!!!! When I was living in Illinois the drug pushing by Big Pharma on television was unbelievable!!!!!! You are right. Every 10 to 15 minutes the commercials were mostly drug pushing by Big Pharma. I also noticed that if a drug was banned or in a class action lawsuit in the States, our Canadian government would promote it up here. My doctors are still trying to push the Prozac, Vioxx, Celebrex, statins et cetera et cetera even when I bring in reports that these drugs do not work. Cannabis, pure homegrown cannabis, has helped me deal with Stage III Cervical Cancer, Type II Diabetes, a heart attack, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, just to name a few health conditions I deal with on a daily basis. I never thought I would make it past the age of 42 and I am very happy to be celebrating my 65th birthday on Monday! Life is wonderful! And even more wonderful since I discovered the work of Dr. Lipton.

  3. "how do you raise kids?"
    Numero 1, NEVER EVER, give them a phone, i pad, computer or any electronic device, until they reach 8, unless they come out of the womb with one, which I doubt it.
    2., Get a world book encyclopedia or Britannica, not kindle or pdf nor e book, get a real book, with over 600 hundred pages, read from it and make them read it, every single page of it, then test for comprehension.
    3, Play and read stories and play again everyday, you can read them from an electronic device, which, they are not allowed to have.
    4, Discipline as needed, you have to have the discipline first, you bad parent!
    5, Buy them a piano
    6, Pay someone to teach them how to play the piano, if, like me you have no idea how that thing works.
    7, Sit back and enjoy the little genius!!
    …and this interview is so cool, I am going to watch it again!!

  4. This really hits home hard, I lost my 38yr old wife to organ failure (supposedly) she was massively depressed and spent 95% in bed closed away from the world before she passed away…

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