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Father Michael Nixon discusses church teaching regarding Marijuana. Can Catholics smoke pot? What is the difference between medicinal and recreational …


  1. Could you clarify this for me? Marijuana affects different people in different ways. I notice with a lot of my friends, they will use marijuana and "zone out". My brother reacts this way. However, when I use marijuana I feel a heightening of my senses, and more activity in my mind. When I am sober, I do not feel emotions, and I have no interest in anything. I am diagnosed with a few mental health conditions, so this could explain my experience with cannabis. If I use pure THC, even in large amounts, I feel slight physical change, with no other effects. When I use pure CBD (now legal in the US as it is not psychoactive) I feel my bodily and mental tension disappear.

    Is it okay to use marijuana for these purposes?

  2. I’m a Catholic and I’m not at all persuaded by this argument. It sounds like something I would hear from fringe evangelical Christian groups that preach against children being vaccinated or receiving blood transfusions. I don’t appreciate being written off as a Catholic because I’m using a drug to treat genuine mental health problems. You can have a relationship and faith in God while also realizing that it’s ok to seek medicinal help for your mental/physical troubles.

  3. I am a Libertarian, but I am also a Catholic. I want to support the legalization (or to de-destigmatize it at least) of marijuana because I believe in more personal freedom. But I also dont want my views to conflict and I especially dont want to pick-and-choose. Any help?

  4. I’m going to sling this at you. Is marijuana intoxicating or an inebriant? I’ve used it medicinally and I can say I actually have the greatest desire to know God while I’m smoking. It doesn’t consume the mind (fog effect comes from certain terpenes and is very temporary).
    In fact cannabis when smoked restores men with epilepsy to their sound or right or sober mind. To me this is compelling and found in the Bible (Mark 5:15).

  5. Catholics should believe their Bibles more than bad propaganda.

    What does the Bible say about Cannabis?

    Cannabis is directly mentioned in the Bible, but under a code word: "Calamus"

    The original Hebrew word is "Kanehbosom", is Cannabis, and means "Cane of the heart", which brings forth soulfulness and a desire to worship Jesus.

    A quick word search for "Calamus" in any English Bible will lead to:

    Exodus 30 (Priests are required to "hotbox" it twice a day, before and after enacting and enforcing law).

    Song of Solomon 4 (Listed as one of the fruitful herbs of the garden).

    An incredibly positive outlook on the plant, from a Bible perspective.

    Furthermore, Cannabis brings about clarity of mind, not a muddied mind. Cannabis makes the mind sober, the exact opposite of what bad propaganda will teach you.

    It causes men predisposed to anger to become docile, gentle, kind, and loving towards others.

    It causes men predisposed to foolishness to become orderly.

    Old, bad propaganda has no effect on the minds of reasonable and open-minded men these days.

  6. You get more fucked up off a couple beers than a few bong rips. Alcohol is way stronger. Being "high" is way less intense than being "drunk." Weed is similar to nicotine or caffeine. Time to read up or experiment people. Stop listening to the liberal media.

  7. God himself said “ i give man every seed baring plant to use” i mean the big man said it in the bible. So my interpretation of that is cannabis is a seed baring plant god gave us to use. Many catholics seem to think alcohol is ok but i dont see that growing freely on trees with being processed by man.

  8. God doesn't make mistakes when he makes plants. If cannabis wasn't supposed to be here he would not create it. He has given us a great gift. Be warned though, do not let it become your whole life, your false idol. The book is pretty clear on that.

  9. Thanks father! This is a great topic and question. I personally have understood this all my life and have always had an aversion to drugs, but many people have a weakness for drugs. I do not boast, but I'm grateful to God for protecting me. In my experience of seeing others smoke weed, they don't respect authority. Finally, we know weed is bad when a high parent can't have a logical conversation with their child. Children hate it when parents are high. A joint is not a cigarette.

  10. Very good father, thank you. Many people have argued with me on this topic and one of my arguments against it is that they want to smoke it to purposely get high. I can have a few beers without purposefully getting drunk and without even wanting to get drunk, the very desire to get drunk is sinful though, when not rejected. How can smoking pot with the desire and effect of getting high, not be sinful, except in extreme scenarios of medical benefit like cancer? I don't understand why any Christian wants to get high…

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