Canada Already Has A Pot Tourism Ad

Canada’s legalization of marijuana is already blatantly evident in their newest tourism ads. Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel HERE: …


  1. Canadian here. To all you purists. They don't have curds in California . You have to have some kind of cheese on it.
    So you need to get.


    available everywhere…………..
    EH! …….(almost forgot).

  2. Am I the only person here who got offended when they showed the Barenaked Ladies to represent Canadian music? I'm pretty sure that almost all Canadians agree that The Tragically Hip is the best Canadian band of all time.

  3. Our cities are cesspools of homelessness and gang/drug related violence . Socialism has left us literally dying in hospital hallways if there is even a ambulance available to transport you there . We are now importing terrorists and antisemitism and our Liberal government gifts them 10,000,000 each at any threat of a lawsuit . America please invade us again , we made a mistake by fending off your advances in 1812 , or a least lend us Donald Trump when you are finished with him .

  4. This one Stephen Colbert has always been a democrytic moron with remote claims of intellectuality. Oligophren… This is what Democrytic media does – speculate on people's lack of real knowledge. What can I say – the second oldest profession…

  5. It good Canada is pardon people for weed the be able to get jobs because a lots of companies check for criminal record the don't have to be on welfare or living a life of poverty

  6. Just got my first LEGAL order of BC Cannabis in the mail. Bubba Kush oil and Sativa Capsules. It was very strange going down to my local post office and having the clerk hand over two packages of marijuana products to me. Of course there are more strict rules to picking it up including providing government issued ID, you must be the person who the package is addressed to, and it has this red security tape that seals each package. If the security tape is broken then the item has been tampered with by a postal employee. I used Cannabis strictly for medicinal purposes and not for recreational.

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