1. Beware!!! BAMM/BMMJ is a pump and dump stock! Watch out!! Blaze Capital Channel owner on Youtube is a "special adviser" with BAMM. He's NOT in your best interest. Pandora's Box WILL be open and be investigated by IIROC and SEC. A Halt or Dump will happen! Look at the price actions folks! His stock group is buy all the shares!!! Don't hold a BAG! Next TLRY!

  2. I gave back so so so much profit from my 2017 December/2018 January highs. Like I will never see that number again. Cause I was new as fuck. I didn't think things could go down that fast.

  3. So true about TGOD, investors are anticipating for buildings to be built and operations to start. Thank you for your great videos, they help so much.

  4. Thank you Dan! I absolutely rely on your guidance. I have gained so much knowledge and some money. I have developed a Tri-fold strategy of long, swing, and day trade positions. I hope to join the chart guys web forum soon. Love the videos.

  5. Thanks Dan! I completely agree. My parents took me camping all over California when I was little and that really did change my life in terms of my lifelong relationship with nature. Can’t wait to do the same with my baby!

  6. Thank you for reminding me about the importance of spending good quality time with my son. He is 6 years old and had asked me to take him. Going to find a good spot here around Dallas Fort Worth/Oklahoma

  7. I've heard others talking about RSI divergence. It seems contradictory to what you normally say. When you've said it, I've understood it as bearish because RSI gets out of oversold ready for another leg down, yet bull divergence would imply the opposite. Can you please clarify?

  8. idk how the fuck people dont watch ALL videos and choose between them, so much to learn in each one, the more you look at chart and listen to dan, the more you can recognize trend , wtv market it is. have heard you dan talking about the jack herer book that motivate you to invest more time studying hemp/weed market. any book that form your interest in trading in general and in that sector ? ty man, again, have a good weekend.

  9. Man cant wait to sign up for the courses and join the chatroom. I've been following you daily for months and im finally in a position where I can sink time into learning trading correctly (despite losing tons of money like i've done in the years past.) Really enjoy your perspective, insight and honesty. I'm traveling for the next month or so but plan on finishing the courses and joining the chatroom afterwards. Can't wait to learn from you. Thanks for all you done and have done Dan. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. A decade after losing an $8,000 inhertiance my grandmother left me at 19, i think i'm ready to properly learn!

  10. Awesome Videos buddy. I got my own trading view as well and hack cashed out in LABS. VGW and NEPT (Another major canadian Extraction play). I am learning technicals so, most of the stuff is new but thanks for taking time and educating us all.

  11. If you have any sense learning all you can from Jedi Master Dan I cannot express enough…. This my 3rd "hype run" …made some new mistakes, but learned from past ones … But always … Always always watch Jedi Master Dan… There is always something to learn !

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