Cannabis business: What marijuana legalization means for Illinois

Cresco Labs CEO and Charlie Bachteu and Alexis Keenan of Yahoo Finance discuss the process of growing marijuana and how legalization in Illinois is …


  1. I saw a million times on COPS they pull over a black guy or some meth head white dude, would say they smell marijuana, then search the car, then find it, and arrest them and charge them. And now soccer mom's teachers, doctors, and any mainstream suburbianite can walk in and buy marijuana in a store, people don't make any sense.

  2. Illinois just got stupider.
    Marijuana makes one stupid in the first place. Mix that with their gun violence problem and it be bound to end up being marijuana war zone with even more violence.
    If you think it won't happen then you're already stupid.

  3. No one is getting 33%return on concentrate production that is false information the best and most consistent i have seen so far is 20 to 25% max 27%. So saying 1 pound will creat a 3rd pound rosin is false

  4. i know my comment might go unnoticed but can we try to boycott this company their making money of off all the people the locked for this and now a white man is running the fucking drug game lets not keep giving business to these wankers who lock us up for using it

  5. Won't stop the private growers because they'll be selling cheaper and more than likely much higher THC content. The licensing is to squeeze out the small grower who will cut in on product taxation loss from the state. Just like moonshine whiskey they will still go after the small grower so the state monopolizes the market.

  6. If you look at the states that legalized it, they are States that are leftist liberal. Again these states are the ones that want to push the rest of the country, weather they want it or not, in leftist liberal socialist agenda's. Also the majority of those States are on the coasts. Coincidence???

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  8. I'm a big fan of this Co. Unfortunately, the Cannabis space has had a brutal 2019. To see this promising sector fall, as the market flies, is a real bummer. I believe things will turn around or, at least, the blood loss will end soon.

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