Cannabis & Conversation | BONG APPÉTIT

B Real, Vanessa Lavorato and Miguel Trinidad host a cannabis-infused dinner party where the topics of conversation range from Mal’s worst edible experience …


  1. guapdad edible story sounded fake as hell and it was corny the way he told it only to the chick next to him…why was dude even invited to be in a room full of cannabis activists and entrepreneurs

  2. I like the co-op idea. Not everyone is a gangster. We got people working minimum wage jobs and not having enough to live. If McD's was co-op for example they would see a dramatic increase in salary and opportunity.

  3. Illinois resident in the House, Legalization Baby, 1-1-2020! Ok, so it's not a perfect bill by any means, for example IDK how it is in other States that legalized already, because the Fly in ointment here for those who work for someone else, is that employers still have the legal right to piss test you if they choose, it's why FEDERAL legalization is ultimately so important, because for the most part it would finally stop employers from legally piss testing you for weed. Another thing but not a huge deal for me personally, is that unless you're a Med Patient you can't grow your own. Huge step forward anyway and also can't believe we beat NY/NJ to the punch on legalization, as I thought those States would have gotten their sh*t together on Weed first well before The Land Of Lincoln. Anyway, shout out to you all in NY/NJ, it will be legalized there regardless of what you seen or heard on the news lately…it's only a matter of 'when', and not 'if' it will be legalized.

  4. These members are just waitin to get high af just like everyone else watching if you want to hear about politics and health and science get bill nye the science guy, al gore, and Jane Fonda high af. These are the kind of people we just wanna see get high right away come on vice stop playin haha 😂. Making it sound all political and scientific sounding vice your funny 😆.

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