Cannabis Flower Time-lapse (Stretch Period) – Day 45-82

This video covers the first 36 days of flower on my first grow, which is the entire stretch phase of the flower period. Subscribe to my channel to follow along with …


  1. shes so beautiful .. 😍 .. any suggestion 4 my sativa ? its already 2mos but not yet flowering .. what should i do ro flower ? fertilizer ? by d way my strain is a local seed from the philippines ..

  2. Have u been defoliating at all ud benefit alot from,doing it since ur soace is small open up them bud sites i awllways do twice once before flower but i go heave if the fan leafs big as my hand it gets plucked i leave pretty much 2 fan leaves at the top of each branch and let recover 3 days with last veg heavy feeding then i flip into flower last time i do ot is 2 weeks in normally streching allmost done and the buds are starting to gro so i do selective and i tie a few branchs down even out the cannopy then its just feeding till i flush its only hard if ur not sure what ir doing wrong and the messures to correct it thats why ill allways tell new grows to learn ur plants nutes there deficiency and there pests and deisies plus the cures

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