Cannabis Flowering Stage – How to grow marijuana course for dummies – Growing Cannabis Indoors 101

How to grow marijuana course for dummies – Growing Cannabis Indoors 101 – Cannabis Flowering Stage. Learn to grow marijuana for dummies, a 10 lesson …


  1. I a Newbie and confused when to switch to 12/12, at stem junction I have additional growth that looks like it will develop in to a flower Or Cola. I have trained plants outward to increase the yield the plant looks so healthy lots narrow leaves but minimum fan leaves, approx 8 week clones

  2. I wish I could send you a picture but my plants still outside is about 2 ft tall how do I cover it I don't understand what how do I cover do I cover it for 12 hours with a box you know I don't understand I wish I had your email address I really you know use the advice you give me I tried to anyway but great Channel great Channel thank you for all the good advice I just you know it seems to be going good and I just don't understand the covering part 12 hours if it's outside how do I cover it thank you

  3. Yeah thank you that helped but now I have another problem somebody told me that one of them was a male and I looked it up and it did have Paul and like those balls on it so I moved it so how can I get my female to start growing buds it's about two and a half feet high

  4. Hey what's up so I got to female plants from my uncle they were clones so they were together in the pot and I took him out of the pot and plant them outside now they're about a foot-and-a-half tall they're right next to each other and the starting a flower is it okay if I leave them next to each other and after the flowering when will it start like budding and and how often should I water if it doesn't like rain often

  5. I have an issue. My home is always 60-70*. I can not get the humidity up past 32%. I added a humidifier to my grow tent but everything just got wet, bogged down my carbon filter. Now new filter, humidifier outside the tent with vents on tent open. Any suggestions?

  6. I just switched to the 12 12 cycle for light, how long after this cycle change should it take to see evidence of plant sex differentiation? Also, how long do you let the buds grow before you start the harvesting stage? 2 months or more? Thanks.

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