1. I'm not good with a PC because of seizure disorder. Hands shake nut I'm in Florida and I have been working for most of the leg work that needed to be done so can be legal favor in our way. Would love and I'll pay for some more best way to grow my meds. Thank you very much and thank you for the class.

  2. Been experimenting with Glueberry x red Congolese pheno hunting last year only down side is flower is around 13 to 15 weeks but lots of thc allot of thcv huge packed sativa buds works been paying off

  3. They have an amazing farm and some very beautiful, uniform, and healthy plants. Its crazy they use all perlite, and recycle it for years. That cure dude was pretty awesome too.

  4. I really hate seeing large scale synthetic nutrient grows. There really is NO EXCUSE for not growing a plant made for human consumption using better than organic methods and living soil.

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