Cannabis Laws and Regulations in California

Dude Grows Show Wake & Bake America clip from Ep. 936 The Dude, Scotty and Guru discuss Cannabis Laws and Regulations in California. A clash between …


  1. just so you know, when i was in college they did a test on pilots, they had to land in a box for 30 days than smoked one joint and could not hit the box for another 30 days…cheers some ppl you just do not want smoking weed…..

  2. My outdoor grow this season stunk up the neighborhood. I have older neighbors who thought there was a skunk problem in the area. Lol. Michigan Skunk was in my mix but it wasn't a problem.

  3. Prop 64 destroyed our market here. Gotta get out. Daily consumers don’t buy legal less you have expendable income. Combine that with small growers not being able to afford going legal the free market will stay strong. Not to mention those of us that grow their own trichome_trigs (IG). I’d like to work for the industry but it just feels dirty.

  4. The rules for outdoor growing say that it must be in a "secure, enclosed" area. Pretty vague, does anyone know what they really mean by that? How small of a fence is okay?

  5. I live here in cali, legalization has wrecked the marijuana industry. The buds are garbage, and over priced. How about paying 60 to 80 for a decent 1/8? You can buy cheaper, but its shit..Oh and next year they are raising taxes and passing it on to us consumers..

  6. It's bullshit that small farmers can't make a living now. We are the Fucking ones that kept this plant alive and constantly made better, stabilized lines made all under the thret of losing your freedom, we risked everything, and this wouldn't be possible without the small underground farmers keeping this going for the last 35years in secret. Forced to be secret and feel like a criminal. Now we can't make a living because big biz is who the laws have Ben made for, it's made so the gov is the place you gota buy it meds from, they are the only ones that can afford to operate . this is completely bullshit if this is what legalization looks like. Then it's ugly!! I don't want it. Id gladly go back to the good old days.

  7. CA state gov is also in a panic because they lost over $1 billion in legal sales due to high taxes. Many people don't like the shitty expensive legal weed so people are growing more. My son works for a legal farm they also grow blueberries so have some diversification and are local farmers. They are one of the best at their price point. If you come to CA try some Banjo from Coastal Sun farms.

  8. California has growing regulations that will turn the bread belt into the GREEN BELT. They regulated us into a bad place that is pro corporate money. Created a hell of an underground sesh scene tho.

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