Cannabis News – Crackdown in L.A. | Ep. 551 | 12-16-2019

Joe Klare discusses Congress dropping marijuana amendments for veterans, warnings about traveling with CBD internationally and raids on unlicensed …


  1. As a combat veteran who refuses pharmaceuticals that destroy my body, I am in favor of the sacred plant (Cannabis). In the VA, which is handcuffed by federal legislation. End the federal ban and this will be major step in getting ALL VETERANS access to clean cannabis. Many vets (and civilians) are suffering because of cannabis prohibitions and lack of education by corporate policy rule makers.

  2. U seem to be contagious to empathy for the middle and working class Joe! Middle & Working class cant afford the high annual licensing, application, etc fees that accompany a cannabizness.

    You create access by lowering the barrier to entry. Funny how politicians in cali are going to trial for cannabis corruption but the 'Corp Media' says the REAL problem are those pesky middle and working class CITIZENS who patronoze these UNGRATEFUL corporations!

    These solutions are obvious, Joe!

  3. The whole insanity for me is that this good used wall plant is regulated by men. Until this insanity stops I will not stop fighting against regulation of a God-given plant. This plant is so much more than weed. I detest the word marijuana🤨 like so many things it’s all about perception. If you perceive this plant to be a weed it has no value but to abuse it. If you understand this is a gift from God to help to heal to provide food clothing shelter and medicine then you perceive it to be holy sacred and good.

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