1. Hi Justin, how are you? Congratulations on the Miracle brother. I have a case that needs to be treated so I have a doubt, if you don't mind me asking: 1 gram a day of THC or of CBD? I'm very sorry, I'm knew at this. Many thanks

  2. amen <3 hope you enlighten and inspire more people around the world! stay humble people we all go trough this life, better to carry eachother along! <3 It's time that we don't get drained anymore.

  3. This is good brother, God gave us this plant as a medicinal gift, although I struggle with coming to a conclusion to whether smoking it is a sin or not, I strongly believe cannabis consumables are from God. CBD has helped me control my mood disorders and anxiety. Thanks for sharing your testimony!!! God bless

  4. Hi Justin… how are you doing now? I'm wondering if you take a combination of the CBD oil and THC because I know they work synergistically together. I have breast cancer and am hoping I can shrink this tumor, I'm starting to juice as well and changing my diet. RIght now I am taking CBD oil from a dispensary about 6 drops a day… but Im not sure if it works the same as a homemade weed. I met a lady who makes the oils herself so I'm wondering if hers would benefit me more, I suppose it would have more potency.

  5. Hi Justin, I am also trying to cure my stage 4 Lymphoma with thc/cbd. what dosage are you taking now that you are healed ? what is your maintenance dosage and how long did it take for you to be cured ?

  6. I feel great about this happening, but realistically and scientifically, it obviously wasnt God that helped you. You just said what saved your life, and it's cannabis oil. Not god.

  7. I just found out my dad has cancer so I'm losing my shit doing research online about cannabis oils. I don't want to lose him. Can you point me in the right direction to find cannabis oil?

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