Cannabis Pollen – How To Collect, Store and Pollinate Females By A Male – Pollination 101

How You Get Pollen from male Cannabis plants and apply it to females, creating seed development. This horticultural technique of saving pollen and using it …


  1. This pollination episode is just a preface for the more advanced "How To Make Feminized Seeds" Breeding Tutorial so Subscribe real quick above, then check THAT beauty out if you feel ready for it! Or go back to the Breeding Basics video in the video description.

  2. Thanks, been playing around with breeding some autoflowers since that's becoming the most cost effective way to keep them and have been looking for ways to store the pollen for the next cycle. I don't think I collected as much as I thought but maybe a little bit goes a long way. Had mine outside so the moment I touched them, the pollen went flying lol.

  3. Hello quick question. Can Male pollen mess up ladies and clones that are still just sitting in veg? I'm gonna do a breed, and I will have vegging plants in the closet. Will they be ok? I heard only females in bloom are able to get pollinated , not vegging females, is that true.?

  4. I breed my own seeds and create hybrids. I use the exact methods kisted above. Great video! I will add the best brush to use is a suoer soft makeup brush! Super soft on the pistols and has never failed me yet!

  5. Can someone please tell me, if you use pollen from a photoperiod plant and spread it on a flowering autoflower female plant, will it result in female autoflower seeds? Thanks

  6. When using silicon packs can will the silicone harm the pollen? I've used a Vail collected pollen left it open for 2 days then I filled it with silicone beads From humi packs, I am a bit confused about people saying the pollen needs to dry before storage, any advice welcome thanks ✌️

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